Get to know your Diamonds: Kim Ravaillion

2015 World Netball Cup Day 2 Australia v Barbados Kim Ravaillion


Kim Ravaillion is one of the youngest Australian Netball Diamonds, although don’t let her age fool you. This speedy youngster took to court in every one of our Netball World Cup games and was a crucial component to securing our 2015 Netball World Cup title.

DOB: 26/07/1993
Height: 176cm
Positions: C, WD, WA

Five minutes with Kim Ravaillion

Do you have any pets?  A poodle name Sophie.kimmyrav

Favourite TV show? At the moment The Bachelor or Kingdom.

Do you have any lucky charms or superstitions? Touching my bun.

Favourite pizza topping? Hot Pepperoni.

Favourite pre-game meal? Banana and honey on toast and a Berocca.

What do you like to do outside of netball? Go to the beach.

What is your guilty pleasure? I always have a cake of some sort on Saturday.

Most played song on your playlist? The Fix by Jeremiah.

Green juices or cake? Green juices.

Who would play you in a movie? Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba.

Your toughest life lesson?  Washing up my own dishes.

Advice for young netballers?  Never give up.

Finish this sentence
The item I can’t go on tour without is… my laptop

Books next to my bed… a magazine of some sort

With my last ten dollars I’d… buy lollipops or a coffee

My biggest inspiration is… Michelle Bridges

Follow Kim Ravaillion on Instagram @kimmyrav and Twitter @kimberley138. Read her full biography and netball achievements here.