Get to know your Diamonds: Erin Bell

2015 World Netball Cup Day 1 Australia v Trinadad & Tobago Erin Bell

A dual-Netball World Cup gold medallist, Erin Bell was a member of the Australian Diamonds’ successful campaigns in 2011 and 2015. Bell is known for her long-range shooting, also representing Australia in FastFive netball.

Five minutes with Erin Bell

Do you have any pets?  I don’t actually have any pets in Adelaide, but I grew up with plenty of pets. I have always had cats and dogs and we also had birds, guinea pigs and mice! At the moment my brothers each have a dog called Chuck and Ace, so I am Auntie Erin to them 🙂

Favourite TV show?  I enjoy watching Suits at the moment

Do you have any lucky charms or superstitions? I try and avoid superstitions, but I do have a game day routine I like to go through to make sure I feel relaxed and well prepared. This usually involves going for a relaxing walk and stretch, getting a coffee and listening to some music.


Favourite pizza topping?  I love pizza! My favourite always changes between BBQ Chicken, Prawn or Hawaiian.

Favourite pre-game meal? It depends what time of day the game is but I do like to have eggs on toast.

What do you like to do outside of netball?  I really love going to the beach in the summer or just sitting outside and reading a book. If its cold and wintery I like going to the movie. I have actually started my own netball coaching business this year, so when I am not playing netball myself I spend a lot of time getting out to the grass roots and coaching. I also sell my own merchandise online.

What is your guilty pleasure? It would have to be chocolate and ice cream! I try and limit myself to once a week 🙂

Most played song on your playlist? I love Taylor Swift, so I replay her album over and over again!

Green juices or cake? Haha I should probably say green juice but then I would be lying… cake for sure!

Who would play you in a movie?I would love Cameron Diaz to play me in a movie!

Your toughest life lesson? That sometimes even though you have done absolutely everything that is in your control to make something happen sometimes it still doesn’t happen. And the lesson that I learnt from this is that it is ok- everything happens for a reason and there is always a bigger meaning behind everything. You may not realise it at the time but as time passes it will become evident.

Advice for young netballers? To dream big and always do everything in your control to make your dreams come true.

Finish this sentence

The item I can’t go on tour without is… my contact lenses.

Books next to my bed… no book- just the Collective Magazine.

With my last ten dollars I’d…buy food.

My biggest inspiration is… too hard to pin point one. At the moment I love Turia Pitt and finding inspiration from her story.

My favourite coloured ASICS are… white and purple.

Follow Erin Bell on Instagram: @ErinBell77 and Twitter: @Erin_Bell77 . Read her full biography and netball achievements here.