Netball Australia supports the right of people with disabilities to be involved in all aspects of the game, including full and equal active participation. Within this plan the term ‘disability’ includes all definitions of disability or words to this effect and includes all individuals involved in the sport, for example volunteers, coaches, administrators, officials and players.


Netball Australia has a strong history of leading and advocating positive and proactive change in community attitudes and social policy and we are committed to ensuring that opportunities to play the game are accessible to all Australians.


With our capacity to lead such change and an ability to engage a range of non-traditional participants, including women, indigenous communities and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds we look forward with confidence to more people with disabilities actively participating in netball within Australia.


Accordingly Netball Australia is dedicated to making it easy for people with a disability to participate in netball and has developed a disability action plan. For example, the new Netball Australia coaching courses contain relevant inclusive content.

Deaf Athletes

Netball Australia partners with Deaf Sports Australia (DSA) and Deaf Netball Australia (DNA) to provide education opportunities to SSA’s to build capacity and promote awareness in order to offer Netball participation opportunities to hearing impaired and deaf participants.
To find out more about deaf netball in your area, please contact:
Deaf Sports Australia:
Deaf Netball Victoria:
Deaf Netball Queensland:
Deaf Netball South Australia:


Click here for a copy of “Netball for All” produced by Netball Australia.
Click here for an infosheet on Coaching Players with a Disability.
Click here for the Disability Education Program Activity Cards produced by the Australian Sports Commission.
Click here for resources developed by Deaf Netball Australia and Deaf Sports Australia to assist umpires and players to understand the relationship between a rule and its relevant hand signal.