Netball Australia and the Australian Sports Commission’s Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is excited to introduce a new initiative for people interested in becoming a netball coach. With similar key concepts from Netball Australia’s Foundation Coaching course and the AASC’s Community Coach Training Program potential coaches now have another easy way to gain their Foundation accreditation.

What is the AASC program?
The Active After-school Communities (AASC) program is a national initiative that provides primary school-aged children with access to free, structured physical activity programs in the after-school hours timeslot. Coaches from the community are needed to help deliver these activities and they attend the Community Coach Training Program prior to getting started.

How does it work?
To gain your Foundation Coach Accreditation through the AASC program, all you have to do is:
• Attend and successfully complete the free one or two day AASC Community Coach Training Program (see AASC for dates and locations across metro and regional Australia)
• Watch the Netball Australia Skills of Netball Foundation DVD (available from the AASC staff member at the course)
• Register as a AASC deliverer
• Be engaged by a participating AASC school or after school care centre to deliver a netball program
• Complete a successful appraisal conducted by a AASC staff member (there are 154 AASC Regional Coordinators across the country)
• Apply for your Foundation Coach Accreditation through your state netball association

Who is it for?
This process is available for anyone who would like to coach in the AASC program and also have an interest in gaining coaching accreditation in netball.

What are the benefits?
Going through this process will allow you to gain two qualifications – your netball Foundation Coaching Accreditation and your AASC Community Coach Certificate. There are numerous benefits of coaching in the AASC program which include getting involved in your community, the satisfaction of watching traditionally inactive kids having fun playing netball, access to coaching resources and game ideas.

For more information please contact your local AASC office (see Contact Details).