Netball Australia in conjunction with the State/Territory Member Organisations is committed to working with grassroots Associations and Clubs to build the capacity of individuals, groups and communities.

The following information aims to provide Association and Club with guidance in the areas of governance, leadership, planning, people management, member focus and overall performance.

Australian Sports Commission – Club Development Network

The Australian Sports Commission’s Club Development Network is a free, online program, providing greater access to Association/Club development resources.

Associations/Clubs can download a copy of the Club Development checklist to use when looking at how well their Association/Club is operating and identify areas to improve.

Membership is free and also provides access to the Club Development Resource Library and Club Clinic, to assist your Association/Club to continually improve how it operates.

For further information or to join click here.


Resource downloads

1. How to Create a Club

2. Sponsorship, Fundraising and Grants

3. Attributes of a Successful Association/Club


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