Get in the know on ANZ NetSetGO lingo

NSG4If you’ve got children involved in the ANZ NetSetGO program and have overheard them talking about playing games like `Rob the Nest’ or `Rats and Rabbits’, you’re probably wondering what that’s all about.

Now there’s an easy way to learn the benefits of teaching young children modified sport thanks to a new – free – online module developed by Netball Australia and the Australian Sports Commission called `Getting to Know NetSetGO’.

ANZ NetSetGO is recognised as the only introductory program for netball in Australia and is the netball product on offer through the exciting new Sporting Schools program, designed to help children foster a lifelong interest in sport.

NSG3`Getting to Know NetSetGO’ is a fun, interactive module that can be used by anyone – from parents and family members through to teachers, coaches and umpires right throughout the netball community.

The module takes around 20 minutes to complete and participants receive a certificate upon completion.

ANZ NetSetGO has been developed to ensure young children learn the fundamental motor skills and netball skills they need to be able to enter competition netball with confidence.

The program is tiered with the `Net’ tier for children aged between five and seven, `Set’ for those aged between eight and 10 and `GO’ being the transition to junior netball competition and to becoming a lifelong fan.

The module details how games like `Rob the Nest’ teaches children how to run, jump, balance, change direction and dodge. `Rats and Rabbits’ allows children to hear a cue and then make the correct decision to run or chase.

NSG2ANZ NetSetGO is structured to make sure that all sessions have a fun focus and that children are active at all times, are learning skills in a game or activity setting and that they are valued and welcomed in a positive coaching environment.

All you have to do to start the module is to login to MyNetball. There’s also a fact sheet that’s been designed to step you through this process which you can download here.

Visit the ANZ NetSetGO website for more information and check out the Sporting Schools website today.