Generation Netball Club break world record

rec2Generation Netball Club in Tasmania have become world record holders after playing the longest netball game lasting a marathon 72 hours, five minutes and five seconds.

The attempt, organised by long-time club members Sarah Stuart and Jordyn Becker, was held to celebrate the club’s 20th birthday.

“The event was a huge success, bringing netballers of the community together and we were able to beat the previous world record by 11 hours,” Becker said.

“People from across the entire club, both seniors and juniors, came together to support us through this tough event. The support was truly overwhelming.”

The challenge saw 24 netballers from the club, over the age of 16, participate in the event that ran over four days.

Becker said the physical and mental strain was one of the major challenges the athletes had to overcome throughout the event.rec5

“Sleep deprivation was definitely the hardest challenge,” Becker said.

“There were many tears and breakdowns due to exhaustion over the four days and at times it was very hard to find the motivation to get back out on the court.”

Although it was the strength and support of the whole netball club as well as the local community, family and friends that helped motivate the netballers to continue with their world-record attempt.

“The whole community came out to watch, support and help us make it through,” Stuart said.

“My favourite memory from the event was the last half an hour of the attempt and the crowd was roaring with over 500 people squeezed into our tiny gymnasium and the song ‘We Are The Champions’ played.

“All the girls sang to it and the crowd joined in and it really was an unforgettable moment.”

The world record will be verified by the Guinness World Records within six to 12 weeks after intense video and photographic evidence review.

rec4For now, the Generation Netball Club will celebrate their new record and look to their regular netball schedule and attempt add premierships to their list of 2015 achievements.

“It was one of the toughest things I have ever done and I now know with the support of my family and my community, I can do anything I set my mind to,” Stuart said.

“I encourage anyone to try and break our record because it will challenge you as netballers, as friends and as a community.”