Geitz urges teenagers to `stick with’ sport

LGAustralian Diamonds and Queensland Firebirds captain Laura Geitz has joined with her Australian Wallabies counterpart to urge teenagers to keep playing sport rather than dropout.

Geitz and Moore have teamed up with the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to produce videos where both delve into their doubts and the distractions they overcame to keep playing sport as teenagers.

The ASC has launched its latest social media campaign Stick With It and the videos filmed by Geitz (below) and Moore encourage youngsters to try as many sports as possible.

“Sport is one thing that can have such a positive influence on your life,” Geitz said.

“It’s one of the most important things to stay involved in, particularly in those teenage years. It provides you with encouragement, support, self–belief and confidence.”

ASC General Manager of Participation and Sustainable Sport Michael Thomson said the dropout of rate of young people between the ages of 13 and 17 was disturbing with the participation rate hitting a `cliff’ at these age groups.

“Through the ASC’s Play.Sport.Australia strategy, our Stick With It campaign directly targets young people to trigger their thoughts and reasons why they leave sport and to ultimately encourage them to steer away from quitting and to stick with it,” Thomson said.

Netball Australia is proud to partner with the Australian Government’s $100 million Sporting Schools program – and its commitment to get more young people playing more sport more often is focussed and on target.

“Already, Sporting Schools has exceeded its targets with more than 4000 primary schools funded-to-date and its reputation as a quality sporting program before, during and after school augers well for the secondary schools,” Thompson said.

“The ASC’s participation strategy Play.Sport.Australia. aims to have more Australians playing sport more often. If we can introduce kids to sport via Sporting Schools and address the dropout rate of our teens, then more children will be on the path to a lifetime of enjoying sport.”

Visit Play.Sport.Australia Facebook page or the Australian Sports Commission website to keep up-to-date with the latest information.