How would you feel if you didn’t have netball in your life?


It is a relatively simple question… how would you feel if netball wasn’t a part of your life?

Whether you’ve played since you were five, joined the sport as an adult, watched your children play, or umpired and coached over the years, we can all reflect on what netball means to us.

The community you become involved in, the life lessons you have learnt. Team work, confidence, resilience. Win or lose, netball has been a pivotal tool in shaping our lives.

Why do you love netball so much?

“I love playing a team sport, travelling and playing with your best mates.” Laura Geitz
“Meeting new people, constantly improving yourself.” Gabi Simpson
“Having fun and making friends.” Caitlin Ardill, St Bernadette’s Netball Club

How would you feel if you didn’t have netball in your life?

Confident Girls is netball’s fundraising campaign aiming to raise $250,000 to give 5,000 marginalised girls a chance to play netball. More importantly, the chance to have fun, make friends and be healthy, confident, and resilient.

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100% of funds received by Confident Girls will go towards empowering girls, women, and their communities.