Fast5 Netball coming to a court near you


You saw the best in the world take to the court in the Fast5 Netball World Series, now it’s your turn!

Fast5 Netball is here and it’s your playtime!

Get ready to get moving in a whole new kind of netball. Think shorter quarters with rolling substitutions; five players-a-side; shoot for one, two or three points and Power Plays to double your score. It’s social, it’s fun and it’s netball played in a brand new way!

Forget umpires in white uniforms, Fast5 is shaking things up. With five players on court per team, unlimited substitutions during the game and one, two and three point shots, Fast5 Netball is new, it’s dynamic and has the rules to match!

No need to wait until the end of a quarter, substitutions can be made at any time during play. There is no limit to the number of substitutions that your team can make in a game, but remember play will continue whether you’re ready or not!

Will you play it safe or take risks for the big points? With one, two and three point shots on offer, the choice is yours! Points are scored based on the area in which a player’s feet are positioned when taking the shot.

Play after work, at school, during your lunch break; with 29 minutes of game time, Fast5 is the most accessible way to get a hit of fitness in a social setting.

Check out to find a competition near you, or to register your interest in playing Fast5 Netball in 2017.