Ensuring the wellbeing of our precious Diamonds

Empowering the next generation of Australian Diamonds to achieve their full potential on and off the court is the aim of a new initiative launched by Netball Australia.

Diamonds Circle has been established to support the well-being of emerging, current and past Australian national team members to reach their potential and to ensure that Australia remains the No.1 netballing nation in the world.

Diamonds Circle is a cornerstone of the Netball Foundation, run in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, which has been established to ensure netball remains the leading participation sport for women and girls.

Diamonds Circle was officially launched at Netball Australia’s `Memories and Milestones’ lunch attended by past and present Australian players, which celebrated their contribution to the history and heritage of Australian netball.

Netball Australia President Noeleen Dix, herself a former Australian representative, said assisting these athletes through training and education will help them in the transition to post-career life and in adversity.

_MCA6025Li“To be selected in the Australian Netball team is a major achievement in a young woman’s life,” Dix, who played four Tests for Australia in 1981, said.

“I was selected to represent Australia when I was at the prime of my life and just establishing myself in a teaching career.

“I understand the range of issues and opportunities that young women encounter on their journey to achieve their netball dreams and, having made it, to find their feet and move on to the next stage of their life.

“Diamonds Circle seeks to support our athletes in areas such as physical and mental health, career, personal and professional development, transitional support and in adversity.”

Donations of two dollars or more are tax deductible and, importantly, gives the community an opportunity to empower the Australian Diamonds to flourish on and off the court during and after their netball career.

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