A dollar each for Confident Girls

The Sandringham and District Netball Association (SDNA) banked on the generosity of its member clubs to raise funds for the Confident Girls campaign.

The SDNA asked each club to pay a non-compulsory $10 levy – effectively one dollar per player – and 183 clubs got behind the initiative instantly raising $1830.

It was a club president that suggested the idea at an association meeting and with that the simple idea was implemented on all teams registered in the 2016 Autumn/Winter season.

SDNA President, Alison Horton states that they have a community that is very willing to give back.

“We have a very generous population that are able to help out where we can,” Horton says.

Giving back to the community is something that the association prides themselves on, and believes giving to girls who don’t have the chance to participate in netball is very important.

“Our circumstances allow us to help those who are less fortunate and I think it’s really important to do something for other people.”

Horton believes that by donating to Confident Girls, the member clubs will benefit themselves.

“It makes them feel like they are giving and not just taking.”

A simple yet effective idea can go a long way towards funding netball programs, equipment and coaching in disadvantaged communities across Australia through Inclusion NetSetGO and community programs.

In giving less than a coffee, you too can give every girl a chance to be happy, healthy and resilient young women.

To register as a Confident Girls fundraiser, or to simply donate go to www.confidentgirls.com.au