Diamonds shine in #RethinkRoleModels campaign


Who are your role models? How do they inspire you?

The Australian Netball Diamonds have partnered with Samsung Electronics Australia to shine a light on positive role models.

We want to celebrate the values of hard work, determination and passion that we see in our sport.

The  ‘Rethink Role Models’ campaign includes a mini-series showcasing how some of our Diamonds overcame adversity to represent Australia.

Chief Executive of Netball Australia, Kate Palmer welcomed the new partnership and recognised the potential of the initiative.

“We are proud to partner with Samsung to support this meaningful campaign, challenging the notion of a role model. Our Diamonds demonstrate courage, skill and dogged determination, with the utmost respect for their teammates and opposition alike.”

“With 1.2 million Australians currently playing netball, we hope our Diamonds’ values and personal stories will inspire young Australians,” she said.

It’s time the wider community knew just how bright our Diamonds sparkle.

Holly Adams, Head of Corporate Brand, Samsung Electronics Australia, said Samsung will give positive role models the recognition they deserve.

“We know that many aspiring netballers look up to the Diamonds. We want to celebrate these athletes as not only positive role models within sport but within the broader community, ” Ms Adams said.

The ‘Rethink Role Models’ mini-series highlights personal battles of injury, losing a family member, body issues and sacrifice. The series champions what our Diamonds stand for, as well as the broader qualities they represent.

The mini-series includes:

• Laura Geitz – “Inner Strength” 
• Sharni Layton – “Prove Them Wrong”
• Kim Ravaillion –“Worth The Sacrifice”
• Caitlin Bassett – “Rise Above It”
• Paige Hadley –“Never Give Up”