Diamonds ready to ‘hit the court running’

Diamonds vice-captain Caitlin Thwaites says the team is building on their connections ahead of the Netball Quad Series.

The Diamonds depart for South Africa on Sunday evening, following a four-day pre-departure camp in Perth.

“Camp has been really good so far, it’s a credit to all of the girls. Everyone has just switched on into Diamonds land,” said Thwaites.

“We are looking at building at those connections over the next couple of days before we travel over to South Africa.”

With just four weeks until the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball season begins, the Diamonds have been hard at pre-season training with their respective clubs, including practice matches earlier this week.

The Diamonds have ramped up their Quad Series preparations with daily court sessions, in addition to performance analysis and continued strength and conditioning.

“Everyone has been doing their really hard training at home and the standards that we have over the Christmas break don’t waiver preparing for the international games,” Thwaites explained.

“We had a similar tour last year at this same time, so everybody is really well prepared and ready to hit the court running.”

Perth local Courtney Bruce is yet to make her Diamonds debut, but is ready for the challenge of her first international Diamonds tour.

“I’m trying to immerse myself in the Diamonds environment and take as much away from  this experience that I can,” Bruce said.

“Every day I keep learning and learning. I’m finding different ways to move my feet and different ways to get to the ball.

Bruce says she will make the most of her first Diamonds tour experience.

“Getting put against the best players in the world challenges me to be a better player,” the 23-year-old explained.

“It’s going to be a new experience, that in itself is going to be tough. I’m just excited to take it on and see what happens.”

Photography: Ashton Murphy