Dance DVD grooves its way into ANZ NetSetGO


You’ve seen Kim Ravaillion show off her silky moves on the netball court but how does the Australian Diamonds star perform as a dancer?

Well, now you can as she showcases her dancing talents in a new DVD produced as part of the ANZ NetSetGO program.

Working with kids from the Livingstone NetSetGO centre in Victoria, Ravaillion said the DVD is designed to teach youngsters fundamental motor skills that are required to play netball.

Ravaillion, who is one of the rising talents in Australian netball and played seven Tests for the Diamonds in her international debut season in 2013, said it was great fun filming the DVD.

“Dance activities are a great way to develop a range of fundamental motor skills that are used in netball. This includes twisting, turning, bending, leaping, dodging, skipping and sliding,” said Ravaillion.

“Kids who don’t develop these kinds of skills are more likely to experience frustration and difficulty in learning advanced skills, which reduces their enjoyment.

“Dancing is a great way to engage young children who are just starting netball and best of all its fun!”

Netball Australia Participation Manager Chris Dobson said the concept of developing a DVD came after research showed 19 per cent of girls aged between five and nine years were involved in dancing with only five per cent of that age group playing netball.

“The research has shown that children across the country want to participate in dance activities so we think the ANZ NetSetGO Dance resources will complement the existing program really well,” he said.

“Netball Australia and ANZ NetSetGO are very excited to have Kim Ravaillion involved in helping bring music and dance activities to centres all across the country.”

It doesn’t matter if you are not a great dancer; all abilities can participate.

“Don’t worry if you don’t have any dance experience; this video will teach simple moves that you can apply to any music,” said Ravaillion.

Further material related to the dancing activities will be made available to registered ANZ NetSetGO centres through the website.

Copies of the DVD are available by contacting your state association and visit for further details.