Dance craze building through ANZ NetSetGO

IMG_5852 NetSetGO at NSW Swifts Round 3 Photo  Josh BrightmanOne of the popular additions to the ANZ NetSetGO program last year was the dance component.

It was a fun way to start or finish a session – and it wasn’t just the coaches and ANZ NetSetGO participants that enjoyed the dance moves. We’ve heard that in many cases parents, brothers, sisters and even grandparents joined in the fun!

Netball Australia has created two new dances for the 2015 ANZ NetSetGO season, which you can view here.

ANZ NetSetGO Ambassador and Australian Diamonds star Kim Ravaillion has only been too eager to put her dancing shoes on again and, with the help of our dance teacher Georgia and students from Ashburton Primary School in Victoria, help teach the dances in easy-to-learn segments.

The dances have been designed so they can be performed to almost any music and anyone can participate.

Ravaillion, who’s represented the Diamonds in 18 Tests and also plays for the Queensland Firebirds in the ANZ Championship, said she loved filming the dances again this year.

“Dancing is a fantastic way to engage young children who are just starting netball and, best of all, its lots of fun,” Ravaillion said.

“Kids who don’t develop these kinds of skills are more likely to experience frustration and difficulty in learning advanced skills, which reduces their enjoyment.”

IMG_6973 NetSetGO at NSW Swifts Round 3 Photo  Josh BrightmanFundamental skills such as twisting, turning, leaping, dodging, bending, skipping and sliding are taught to children as part of the ANZ NetSetGO dance program.

Keep an eye out during upcoming ANZ Championship matches to see an ANZ NetSetGO centre performing these dances on court.

Images courtesy of Josh Brightman