Crafers ANZ NetSetGO centre wins `Write To Rav’


ANZ NetSetGO is excited to announce that the Crafers ANZ NetSetGO Centre in South Australia are the lucky winners of the `Write to Rav’ competition.

They will have the chance to meet ANZ NetSetGO ambassador and Australian Diamonds rising star Kim Ravaillion.

Twelve lucky club members will also travel to Melbourne next Sunday and present the premiership medals to the winning team after the ANZ Championship Grand Final.

The `Write to Rav’ competition involved ANZ NetSetGO centres from across Australia writing to Ravaillion and explaining in 100 words or less what’s so great about their ANZ NetSetGO centre.

Here is what the Crafer ANZ NetSetGO centre’s winning entry, compiled by coordinator Jess Tamblyn, said:

“ANZ NetSetGO has saved our club. Recent years have seen us struggle to fill our junior teams causing great concern for our committee. An action meeting was called and NetSetGO was identified as being a potential avenue to encourage younger players to our club. Two years ago our first NetSetGO program brought 20 new players to Crafers. This year myself and club president Kirsten Hawthorn fought back tears when our two 9 & under teams took the court – the first 9 & under team in 10 years. We are now more optimistic about our club’s future thanks to ANZ NetSetGO.”

Ravaillion said she enjoyed reading the stories shared by each entrant.

“The reason we chose this entry was that it shows how ANZ NetSetGO can help your club gain members, attract families and receive further support from Netball Australia and your member organisation,” Ravaillion said.

Four ANZ NetSetGO centres were chosen as runners up and each will receive equipment packs.

A big thanks to all the wonderful ANZ NetSetGO Centres who took part in the competition.

If you want to get your child involved in ANZ NetSetGO, visit and find your closet centre!

ANZ NetSetGO is the only introductory program for netball aimed at children aged from 5 to 10.