Corboy stands down as Chair

At the weekend’s Netball Australia Board Meeting, Anne-Marie Corboy announced that she would be standing down as Chair of Netball Australia.

As Chair, Anne-Marie has overseen one of Netball Australia’s most successful and challenging years, with the launch of Suncorp Super Netball seeing significant increases in revenue, attendances, broadcast figures and players’ remuneration and conditions. Participation numbers are up and the Diamonds have continued their world number one form.

Anne-Marie will continue to play an important role as a Netball Australia director.

Paolina Hunt was subsequently appointed by the Board as Chair.

Paolina has been on the Netball Australia Board for five years. She is a Business Manager with operational and strategic experience across a number of industries. The combination of her law degree, extensive business background and creative approach make her a valuable member of the NA Board. She is currently Chair of NA’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee and a member of the Audit & Risk Committee.

Paolina is passionate about the contribution netball makes to the social fabric of communities and the support network it provides for young girls and women at every level of the sport. A former AIS scholarship holder, she grew up in Sydney, has spent time in Canberra, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, and was involved in netball at some level in each of those states – as a player, coach, umpire and/or administrator.

Ms Hunt said “On behalf of Australian Netball I would like to congratulate and thank Anne-Marie for her huge contribution to the Board and to the Game as Chair over the last year. The Game is in an unprecedented position of strength at this time, and we are looking forward to capitalising on the hard work of the whole Netball community to continue to take Netball forward in Australia’s increasingly competitive sporting landscape.”