Connecting communities through Pride Round

In Netball Victoria’s Victorian Netball League, Melbourne University Lightning showed their colours in support of the LGBTIQA community, recently holding their Pride Round.

Wearing rainbow ribbons and bibs, all six teams got behind the round, an initiative close to their hearts.

Club President Lindy Murphy, believes netball can provide a connectedness to the community beyond the court.

“One of our key objectives as a club is to provide a connectedness for young women to a community that embraces acceptance, empowerment and self-value,” said Murphy.

“As a club, we have a responsibility to do more than just improve a player’s skill level on the court. Many young people struggle with their sexuality and if we can provide an environment where they feel comfortable and safe and accepted for who they are then we are doing our job.

“The initiative sends a clear message that there is a place for everyone in netball.”

The support the Club has received from the community has been enormous.

“The Club Facebook and Instagram activity in support of the initiative was incredible,” said Murphy.

“We have a number of LGBTIQA members within our Club and just talking about the issues faced by the LGBTIQA community has really united the club.

“The players and coaches are very proud of what we stand for and they are taking on another level of accountability in embracing inclusiveness.”

When asked if Pride Round will have a permanent place on Lightning’s calendar, Murphy was quick to reply with ‘yes’.

“Netball Victoria were very supportive of the initiative and intend to nominate an entire round of their VNL competition to promoting the LGBTIQA community in 2018.”