Can I decide which Netball Foundation Project my donation goes to?

Yes. Each project of the Netball Foundation has a unique project code, which is identified through a unique donation URL, and back-end systems operated through the Australian Sports Foundation.

Whilst the donor does not need to know the project number, for transparency purposes the following are the registered project numbers:

Description ASF Project: Diamonds Circle 215001

Description ASF Project: Confident Girls 215000

Description ASF Project: Netball Foundation 001078


Confident Girls


Diamonds Circle

Is my donation to the Netball Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Netball Australia has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to help raise funds.

The Australian sports Foundation is listed in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 as a Deductible Gift Recipient enabling donations of $2 be tax deductible.

Receipts will be issued by the Australian Sports Foundation.

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How can I make a donation?

Our preference is for you to donate online using an electronic fund transfer online through the

Australian Sports Foundation’s website:


Confident Girls


Diamonds Circle


Cheques, money orders (payable to the Australian Sports Foundation ) or cash donations can be made at a bank branch via:


Account: Australian Sports Foundation Donations Account

Branch: Petrie Plaza Canberra

BSB: 032776

Account Number: 130159

Description ASF Project: Diamonds Circle 215001

Description ASF Project: Confident Girls 215000

Description ASF Project: Netball Foundation 001078



Text NETBALL TO 0477 333 999

Where does my donation go?

The Australian Sports Foundation retains between 5% and 8% depending on how the donation is made. For example, 5% online donation via electronic funds transfer (EFT), 6% online donation using Visa or MasterCard, 7% online donation using American Express, 8% Manual donation by American Express

Where does the Netball Foundation work?

Netball Australia works with its eight state and territory member organisations and partners to provide opportunities Australia wide.

Is the payment website secure?

The Australian Sports Foundation uses SSL to secure online credit card transactions – SSL – Secure Socket Layer is the most widely deployed security protocol used today.

The Australian Sports Foundation website is encrypted with a high-grade encryption. Encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorised people to view information travelling between computers. It is therefore very unlikely that anyone can read a https page as it travels across the network.

Is my privacy protected?

The Australian Sports Foundation and Netball Australia will comply with the Privacy Act 1988, in relation to any Personal Information that is collected, used or disclosed.

Australian Sports Foundation
Netball Australia

How is the Netball Foundation governed?

In March 2015, the Netball Foundation was established and its powers, duties and terms of reference where delegated to it by the Netball Australia Board pursuant to Clause 34 of the Netball Australia Constitution. The Netball Australia Board formally approves the composition of the Netball Foundation Panel.

The Netball Foundation Panel provides financial oversight, compliance, grant making and advice to the Netball Australia Board. An update on the Netball Foundation’s activities is provided at each Netball Australia Board meeting.

The Netball Foundation Panel is required to meet at least three times a year, and at least once a year, the Chief Executive of the Netball Foundation meets with the Netball Australia Audit and Risk Committee.

The Netball Foundation Panel, at least once in each financial year will have its performance assessed as prescribed by the Netball Australia Board.

Netball Foundation Panel members are not remunerated. Find out more

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