Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you’ve got heaps of questions about our new accreditation updating process through MyNetball. So we’ve pulled together a few questions to help you update your coach, umpire or bench officials accreditation.


I’m not sure how to update my accreditation

That’s OK. Our Updating Criteria PDFs for coaches, umpires and bench officials are a great place to start. You can view or download these by using the links below.

Coach accreditation updating criteria (pdf)

Bench Official accreditation updating criteria (pdf)

Umpire accreditation updating criteria (pdf)


How do I update my accreditation?

The first opportunity you will have to update your accreditation will be six months prior to your current accreditation expiring. Just complete all your learning and visit the updating panel in MyNetball to request an update. Follow the instructions for updating in our Learner Guide here.

If you have not been able to update your accreditation by the expiry date, there is a grace period of 12 months. This means that you will still be able to update your accreditation up to 12 months after its expiry.

Why has the expiry date for my ACCREDITATION  changed?

If you update your accreditation prior to its expiry date, your accreditation will be updated on the date of expiry not the date of your update request. If you update your accreditation within the grace period (i.e. after the expiry date but within 12 months of your accreditation expiring), your accreditation will be updated with a new date of expiry.

For example, if you were awarded your B Badge accreditation on the 1/05/2018 and request an update on the 1/06/2022 (one month after expiry), your update request will be processed overnight and your accreditation updated and a new expiry date set to 1/06/2026.

Please note, any accreditations awarded prior to 2017 have an expiry date of six years. Any accreditations awarder after 2017 have an expiry date of four years.


When is the best time to apply for an accreditation update?

You will be able to update your accreditation 6 months prior to its expiry date. MyNetball will prompt you.

For example, if you were awarded your B Badge accreditation on the 1/05/2014 the first date that you can request its update would be 1/11/2017. If you have not completed the necessary learning by the expiry date of your accreditation, don’t worry there is a grace period of 12 months. This means that you will still be able to update your accreditation up to 12 months after the expiry date. For example, if you were awarded your B Badge accreditation on the 1/05/2014, you have until the 1/05/2019 to request its update.


What if I have forgotten my MyNetball ID and can’t log into MyNetball to check my learning transcript?

Follow the lost password instructions from MyNetball.

If you’re still stuck, get in touch with your State Member Organisation. You can find a full list of contacts here.


Why can’t I update my accreditation?

There could be a few different reasons:

  • You may not have completed all the mandatory items for updating.
  • You may not have attained sufficient points for updating
  • Your accreditation may not be expiring within the next 6 months.

You can refer to the updating criteria and points for the relevant accreditation you are trying to update by using the links below.

I have completed an updating course/activity as listed, but it is showing in the Updating Panel as Not Enrolled

Get in touch with your relevant State Member Organisation. You can find a full list of contacts here.


How do I record a course that I’ve done that isn’t displayed in the Updating Panel?

Only approved courses and other professional development activities will be displayed in the updating panel. Refer to the updating criteria documents above for more information.

The courses and professional development activities displayed in Updating Panel are the ones we’ve identified as contributing to your update, based on the relevant Accreditation Framework.


I can’t get the Request Update button to work

Get in touch with us on This will raise a support ticket.


I’ve clicked on the request update button. Why is my accreditation not updating straight away?

Your accreditation will be updated based on your current accreditation’s expiry date. If you’ve met all of the mandatory items for updating and have got the correct number of points, your updated accreditation will appear on MyNetball when your old accreditation expires.


Why do I have to wait until within 6 months of expiry of current accreditation before requesting an update?

Currently this is the way the system is configured. You’ll receive an email reminder when you’re able to request an update.


How can I remember when my accreditation is due to expire?

You will receive an email reminder one year out from expiry. This email will prompt you to log into MyNetball, check the Updating Panel and complete learning to update your accreditation. You can also log into MyNetball and view your accreditation learning transcript at any time.


What do i do if my accreditation has expired and I haven’t had the opportunity to update?

Depending on how active you’ve been within the netball community since getting your accreditation, your State Member Organisation may update you. This would be based on the evidence you can provide them about your learning and development activities. Your State Member Organisation may also request additional information from you or ask you to complete your accreditation again.

If you’re unsure, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Get in touch with your State Member Organisation. You can find a full list of contacts here.
  • Tell them your MyNetball ID, your accreditation level and an overview of your learning and development activities over the past  four years. Use the updating criteria documents above to help.
  • Your State Member Organisation will consider your request and may approve your request and update your accreditation, request additional information or decide that you have not fulfilled enough requirements to update and recommend you undertake the accreditation again.


What if i have nearly completed my coaching logbook and prefer to submit this for updating this time around?

Hopefully, all your updating activity will be recorded against your MyNetball Learning profile. An exception to this may be your practical coaching, which you can record online yourself using the My Accreditation Updating page – look for the Practical Coaching item for your accreditation level. Specific questions around this should be directed to the coaching personnel in your State Member Organisation which can be found here.


Do I need to be a financial member to update my accreditation?

No. However, once you have updated your coach, umpire or bench officals accreditations, you are required to become a financial member of your relevant state/territory netball association (member organisation) if undertaking practical coaching, umpiring or bench officiating activities.

Financial membership ensures relevant insurance coverage when undertaking practical coaching activities and provides many other benefits, including: Access to:

  • Nationally recognised accreditation and education workshops, courses and programs.
  • Advice and support from state and national professionals.
  • Communication outlining current trends and other development opportunities.
  • Support through the coach, umpire and bench officials pathway.
  • Nationally developed resources.
  • National insurance scheme.

If you are not a current financial member, please contact your relevant state/territory member organisation today.

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