Coaching Our Way eLearning resource now available

Netball 11 and Under

Coaches at all levels will be supported by a new free electronic resource, Coaching our Way, launched by Netball Australia following the release of the national coaching strategy.

The resource, available now from Netball Australia’s website, has been developed to provide support to the Coaching Blueprint and Coach Approach strategy which aims to support netball participation, and ensure that the coaching community is empowered and well supported.

Coaching Our Way – Player Centred is an interactive coach learning tool, designed to give coaches education on the player centred coaching philosophy and how they can implement it with their playing group.

“Netball Australia encourages the adoption of player centred coaching as best practice at all levels, as it allows for sustainable learning for players, develops smart and confident players and gives players ownership of the learning experience,” Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander said.

The free tool delivers an exciting and engaging learning opportunity for coaches and identifies a best practice approach to contemporary coaching methods.

The free resource includes four modules of interactive learning designed to get coaches thinking about how to apply the principles of player centred coaching with their unique playing group and hear from Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander and players about the benefits.

A coach journal tool allows coaches to make notes of their learning and strategies for implementation, along with downloadable PDF’s and surveys.

A certificate of recognition will be issued upon completion of all four modules.

Coaches will be required register and log into MyNetball to access the free coaching resource.

Click here for Coaching Our Way registration and access instructions.

Click here to access MyNetball.