Coaches share their thoughts for crucial survey

_F9A4581LNetball Australia’s recent coach survey offered the opportunity for a rare and enlightening look into the needs and wants of coaches all over the country.

Almost 1500 coaches took the opportunity to share their thoughts and views about how Netball Australia could support them to become better coaches.

“This overwhelming response highlights the passion netball coaches have for their craft and their willingness to be involved in activities that develop their coaching and in turn, their players,” Netball Australia’s Coach and Workforce Development Manager Damian Hecker said.

Over the next 18 months, Netball Australia plans to implement a number of new strategies, processes and products so Hecker said it was paramount the coaching community were offered the opportunity to have an input into this process.

“This will ensure that the products and strategies developed will be reflective of the needs of coaches and the players they coach,” Hecker said.

“The importance of coaches and the role they play in the sport is critical and must be valued. Excellent coaching practice leads to an environment that promotes physical development, teamwork, critical thinking and most importantly, enjoyment.

“Considering this, Netball Australia must be at the forefront of providing accessible learning opportunities for our coaches and supporting them to be the best coach they can be – what ever level they coach at.”

Hecker said the message that came through loud and clear from the survey responses was the passion and commitment that coaches have to the game and their players. 

When asked ‘why do you coach?’ the top 3 responses were:

  • to develop others;
  • to give back to the sport/community, and;
  • their love of the game. 

GV1T0261This is a wonderful endorsement for coaches and the sport in general. Netball Australia plans to share the overall results with the netball community in coming months. Keep checking Netball Australia’s website.

“The results of the survey will help guide our strategic direction and provide appropriate resourcing and support for our coaches,” Hecker said.

“We intend to develop a world class system to ensure our coaches are supported, recognised and retained. 

“We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Recent trends and research points to online learning being a key component in the on-going development of coaches and this was supported by the survey with only two per cent of respondents believing this would not be an option for them. 

“Work has begun on developing a coach development portal as part of the Netball Australia website,” Hecker said.

“We would hope that within two years we would have a sophisticated system that has learning opportunities which caters for all coaches. 

“As we build towards this we will continue to provide resourcing on the Netball Australia website.”