Citizenship ceremony to be hosted at Quad Series

The international netball season is in full swing, with the Samsung Diamonds grabbing a win earlier this week against the England Roses in Newcastle – in the second leg of the 2018 Netball Quad Series. With two more games to come at Melbourne Arena this Sunday, it’s set to be a ‘Battle of Nations’.

But before the action begins, Netball Australia, together with the Department of Home Affairs, is excited to be hosting an Australian citizenship ceremony where new citizens will take the final step in their journey to become an Australian. The wide variety of cultural backgrounds and diversity across the country has helped to create a unique identity and spirit.

Soon-to-be citizen Dara Isaacson is excited to take the pledge after moving to Australia from Alberta, Canada in 2008.

“I was living in Nicaragua, where I was working as a volunteer hiking guide when I met some really nice tourists from Melbourne, who had told me how great it was,” said Isaacson.

The Canadian and soon-to-be Australian admits that she didn’t know anyone in Australia, and really didn’t know what the move would have in-store for her.

“I had seen the movie Rabbit Proof Fence, so I knew a little bit about Australia’s history and Crocodile Dundee, and that was the only thing I really knew about Australia.”

Ms Isaacson completed her studies here at the University of Melbourne, and has visited many different parts of the land down under. It was only after travelling to the Northern Territory to visit a friend in Alice Springs – she was introduced to the game of netball.

“It’s an easy sport. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, and all you really need is a pair of runners and a ball to do it,” she said.

Isaacson was thrilled to see girls of varying backgrounds coming together and playing netball.

“It’s a good sport for girls to get involved in, it really allows them to build up their self-esteem and confidence,” said Isaacson.

Inclusion and diversity will be celebrated throughout the 2018 International Test Series, highlighting the work being done across the netball community to break down barriers to participation in sport, providing opportunities for everyone to get involved and enjoy netball.

Netball Australia, along with Member Organisations, are committed to providing welcoming, inclusive and supportive netball environments, programs and competitions for people from all backgrounds, at all levels of the game.