Celebrating the work of One Netball Pacific

One Netball Pacific (ONP) is an initiative of Netball Australia, implemented under the Australian Government’s Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) program.

The initiative aims to increase access for women and girls to quality physical activity participation and leadership development opportunities.

The One Netball Pacific program provides grassroots opportunities for women in the Pacific to participate in netball and promote more inclusive gender practices in sport, undertake leadership positions and engage in professional development activities.  Recent research has looked specifically at the impact of One Netball Pacific on fostering female leadership capacity, providing women with professional development opportunities, and empowering girls and women to influence decisions that affect their lives, including:

Key figures from the program include:

– 23,199 participants (81% women) have been involved in One Netball Pacific in the last two years (88,672 overall since 2009)
– Over 400 women have received training for leadership roles in the last two years
– Eight Pacific Island women have been employed full-time to manage the program at various stages
– 13 women have been provided with casual employment opportunities
– 297 girls have been part of national academies to promote further development and generate aspirations

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