Bench officials gain invaluable ANZ Championship experience

Netball_Tas_VixensVSteel_17Netball Tasmania and Netball Victoria joined forces to give three nationally accredited Tasmanian bench officials the invaluable experience of officiating at an ANZ Championship game.

As part of a Member Organisation Exchange program, Clare Millar, Yvonne Jackson and Michelle Cooley were selected to travel to Melbourne to officiate at ANZ Championship matches, whilst also being mentored by experienced bench managers.

Netball Victoria mentor John Castles said the program benefited the bench officials who gained new knowledge on bench official practices they are not usually exposed to.

“As there is no Tasmanian ANZ Championship team, Tasmanian bench officials have limited opportunity to officiate at international match standard,” Castles said.

“(They were able to) experience current practices and the way the score benches are now set up with Champion Data (and) the use of headphones by the main scorer.”Netball_Tas_VixensVSteel_38

Netball Tasmania Development Coordinator Cameron Chivers first proposed the program at a national bench officials conference, hoping to give Tasmanian bench officials the opportunity to develop their skills in different circumstances to what they are familiar with.

The aim of the program was to allow the bench officials to gain some experience at a game higher than State League to prepare them for the Australian Netball League, and Practice World Cup International games being held in Tasmania later this year.

Netball_Tas_VixensVSteel_19“All the Officials that participated in the program learned and gained something from the experience and are in strong support of the program and the relationship between Netball Tasmania and Netball Victoria,” Chivers said.

“Netball Tasmania has received plenty of positive feedback and comments from people who wish to see this program continue again next year.”

Netball Tasmania wishes to thank John Castles, Angela Banbury, Netball Victoria and all the others who helped to plan and support the program and the Tasmanian Bench Officials.