Australia Overcame Malawi to Finish Third

Australia impressed a home crowd for the last time at Fast5 Netball World Series by finishing third in an impressive 23-point play-off victory.

Malawi was the winner of the coin toss, opting to take their power play in the fourth quarter, while Australia were left to pick the second quarter for their power play.

It was Australia who put the first score on the board and from here on it was game on. Sarah Klau meant business, earning her team two deflections within the first two minutes of the game; costly for Malawi in a final.

Australia made quick work of the Malawi team in the first quarter, finishing with a score of 6-3.

The stand out for Australia in the first quarter was Sophie Garbin who scored four goals off seven attempts. Malawi’s shooter Jane Chimaliro was also strong scoring the team’s only two goals for the quarter.

The second quarter was Australia’s power play and while they made good use at the start, Malawi wasn’t going down without a fight, scoring three points by the three-minute mark.

But Australia came back to score two one-point shots to put them in front by three with a minute to go.

A penalty during the rolling subs against Malawi gave Australia another chance at goal with only 30 seconds to go.

The scores remained 14-8 at half time with Australia in the lead by six.

A quick steal by Australia at the start of the third quarter gave them another two-point shot by Garbin.

Malawi were back in the game with a much needed two goals from Joyce Mvula, bringing the margin to nine points with Australia up.

With an intercept and rebound from Klau, the Aussies were able to take another shot and bring themselves to ten points up in the third quarter with 50 seconds to go.

After goal for goal play in the last minute, Australia lead by ten at three quarter time.

Malawi had their power play in the last quarter, but it was Australia who had the first two-point shot and a steal straight after, bringing the margin to thirteen points up with only five minutes to go.

Kaylia Stanton also showed off her skills with another two two-point swishes and Malawi still yet to score in the last quarter.

“It was a lot of fun, we played well and enjoyed ourselves and made sure we were smiling the entire time. We all had each other’s backs and with the whole crowd getting behind us really helped too,” said Stanton.

Malawi made it onto the score board with a two-point shot but Stanton followed with another two point shot, bringing her total to four two point shots in this last quarter, following this with a three point super shot.

With a minute to go, Malawi made a shot at a three-point super shot but missed, paving the way for the Aussies to take the win and the bronze medal.

“The Fast5 World Series was great experience. We enjoyed the games and everything else that has gone along with it,” said Malawi defender Joanna Kachilika

Both Australian and Malawi shooters gave impressive performances and, with some great feeds and deflections from the mid court and defenders, the game was a great way for both teams to finish their tournament.

AUSTRALIA (38) defeat MALAWI (15)

AUSTRALIA STARTING FIVE: Sophie Garbin (GS), Kiera Austin (GA), Jess Anstiss (C), Tara Hinchliffe (GD), Sarah Klau (GK)

MALAWI STARTING FIVE: Joyce Mvula (GS), Jane Chimaliro (GA), Takondwa Lwiza (C), Towera Vinkhumbo (GD), Loreen Ngwira (GK)

Power plays: Malawi (Q4), Australia (Q2)

Australia shooting statistics:

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Kaylia Stanton 5/5 4/10 1/2
Sophie Garbin 4/4 5/12 0/1
Kiera Austin 4/4 0/2 0/1


Malawi shooting statistics:

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Joyce Mvula 5/6 1/5 0/1
Jane Chimaliro 2/2 2/3 0/1
Jessie Mazengera 1/1 0/0 0/0