Australia Kick Off Fast 5 With A Bang

Australia has opened Melbourne’s final Fast5 World Series with a confident and convincing win over Malawi. A performance showing that the girls in green and gold were going to be serious contenders over the next two days and were not going to let previous years’ placings define them.

In the opening minutes of the game it looked like Malawi may give the Aussies a run for their money, with their smaller sized team showing impressive athleticism and team spirit. Their first quarter exposed the Aussies’ mistakes going forward and allowed them to achieve the lead by a point at the first break.

Defensive pressure was maintained throughout the course of the match though, with Maddy Proud and Jessica Anstiss rotating in the centre court with both performing with high intensity in a fast-paced game.

Kaylia Stanton was also a key performer for the Aussies with her confidence only growing as the game proceeded, scoring six out of her nine shots which included two final quarter two pointers, which secured the win.

“What I’ve taken from my first year is that the things I’ve learnt as a shooter in terms of those two-point shots and the three-point shots – I’ve actually refined those skills going into this year’s tournament. It’s something that I’ve been really looking forward to.” said Stanton.

“I think we did a really good job out there and I’m really proud of all the girls.”

Malawi didn’t just hand Australia the game though, they were well involved, holding possession for 51% of the game and taking the lead in rebounds. It was the turnovers however that let Australia take the game away, especially in the fourth quarter, where Australia’s confidence outshone any form Malawi had in their shooting range.

AUSTRALIA (29) defeated MALAWI (15).

AUSTRALIA STARTING FIVE: Sophie Garbin (GS), Kaylia Stanton (GA), Maddy Proud (C), Tara Hinchliffe (GD), Sarah Klau (GK)

MALAWI STARTING FIVE: Alinafe Kamwala (GS), Jessie Mazengera (GA), Takondwa Lwazi (C) Joanna Kachilika (GD), Towere Vinkhumbo (GK)

POWER PLAYS: Australia Q2, Malawi Q3

Australia shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
Sophie Garbin 3/3 4/8 0/0
Kaylia Stanton 4/4 2/5 0/0

Malawi shooting statistics

Shooter 1 point goal 2 point goal 3 point supershot
J. Chimaliro 0/1 3/4 0/3
J. Mvula 4/5 1/2 0/1
J. Mazengera 0/0 0/2 0/0
A. Kamwala 0/1 0/2 0/2