Australia has continuted its unbeaten run through the World Youth Championships, easily accounting for Barbados 79-14 in the quarter finals.


Photo: Courtesy of Tom Roberts.

The hot favourites took to the court against a sprightly Bajan side, racing out to a 17-2 lead by quarter time.

Pressure from the reigning champions told on Barbados, who struggled to find structure in their game, the easy pass option too often going unnoticed as they tried to force the long ball which was easily picked up by the Australians.

The Bajans` shooting wasn`t on form either with a 54% accuracy average for the game, meaning precious chances were missed. Aby shots that fell short were snatched by Australia giving them more opportunities to extend their lead.

Australia now moves to the semi finals and coach Carol Byers says the team is well prepared to take the next step towards regaining its title.

“We`re definitely ready,” said Byers after the game.

“I`m really happy with how they`ve gone this week and now its time – we really need to work hard tomorrow.”