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Netball Australia is a leading member of the International Netball Federation’s (INF) Asian Region and is committed to developing a vibrant and engaged Asian Region.

The Asian Netball Federation (ANF) currently has 17 Full Members and four Associate Members.  The President of Netball Australia, Noeleen Dix, also acts as the Honorary Treasurer for the ANF, and Netball Australia CEO, Kate Palmer, acts as the Asian Region Representative to the INF Board.

Netball Australia’s development activities in the region have included the following, with detailed program case studies provided below.

  • Netball Australia personnel have delivered coach and umpire workshops alongside the Hong Kong Tri-Series Tournament, available for all Asian Region members.  In 2013, 45 participants took part in the workshops.
  • Netball Australia has assisted Netball Singapore and Hong Kong Netball Association (HKNA) with development and delivery of coaching frameworks.  Netball Australia’s Head of High Performance delivered an Advanced Coaching Course for HKNA in November 2012 with 9 coaches taking part.
  • Netball Australia personnel acted as Coach Mentor for the ANF’s High Performance Coach Mentoring program during the Asian Netball Championships in 2012, with funding from the INF. The program offered the coaching personnel of all 10 participating national teams the opportunity to work closely with a highly qualified coach mentor.
  • Singaporean high performance umpires are regularly mentored by Australian personnel and in 2015 will visit Australia for further professional development officiating higher level competition on their way to achieving their International Umpires Awards.

Malaysia NetSetGO!

asia picNetball Australia received funding through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Malaysia Institute (AMI) in 2011-12 to work with the Malaysian Netball Association (MNA) to develop a pathway development plan and junior participation program.  This was supplemented with INF NetEffect grant funding.

Netball Australia personnel delivered coach training to identified coaches and teachers to deliver NetSetGO! (Netball Australia’s Junior Development Program) as Jom Pi Jaring.  30 coaches undertook the coaching workshop which included delivery of the program to two centres.  In 2012, MNA piloted Jom Pi Jaring in 11 centres throughout Malaysia for girls aged 5 – 6 years old.  Netball Australia also facilitated a planning session with key MNA personnel and stakeholders to identify the barriers and opportunities that exist to further grow and develop netball throughout Malaysia.

With further funding from AMI in 2012-13, Netball Australia worked with MNA to expand the Jom Pi Jaring program, providing refresher training and workshops for coaches and teachers from 9 new centres.  To date, approximately 300 young girls aged 5 – 6 years old regularly participate in Jom Pi Jaring, across 20 centres.

Goal Program

Adolescent girls are vulnerable to a range of health issues, including HIV infection, due to social norms that often restrict them from making decisions about early marriages and sexual relations. The health of these girls has an ongoing, intergenerational effect. Adolescent girls make up nearly 11% of the Indian population, or close to 113 million.

The Naz Foundation is a New Delhi-based NGO working on issues of health and sexuality.  Since 2006, Naz has been implementing the Goal Program which integrates life skills curriculum with the power of play, to develop a sports-based platform for engaging underprivileged adolescent girls in India.  The program was initially piloted in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank and the International Netball Federation (INF).

Netball Australia acts as a technical partner for the delivery of the Goal Program, through the Australian Government’s Australian Sports Outreach Program (ASOP). More information on ASOP click here.

Netball Australia personnel have delivered training sessions for Goal Program staff, and provided input to program design and curriculum since 2009, to ensure that all girls undertaking the Goal Program receive high-quality, positive netball instruction.

goal picGoal uses netball to draw together girls aged 14-19 from Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in a safe, healthy environment.  As well as the immediate fitness and social benefits of playing a sport, each girl must complete four modules – promotion of self-confidence, communication skills, health and hygiene, and financial literacy.  Goal sessions are run at least twice a week for an hour each, at schools, girls’ homes and community sites, over a 10-month period.  Once girls complete the initial 10-month Goal Program, exceptional participants that show potential are invited to become Goal Champions and Community Sports Coaches.  The Goal Champions and Community Sports Coaches are trained to deliver the program themselves, further empowering the girls, and allowing sustainable scaling of the delivery model.

The program aims to equip adolescent girls to improve their livelihoods, harness their leadership potential and provide access to career development opportunities; a number of graduates have maximised this opportunity, taking up paid coaching and administrative roles with the program and with program partner, Standard Chartered Bank.

The Goal Program has achieved the following, to date:

  • 15,708 girls reached through the program since 2006
  • 62,000 family members reached indirectly
  • 467 Goal graduates engaged as Goal Champions
  • 6 graduates employed at Standard Chartered Bank
  • 40 graduates recruited by Goal and paid a casual wage as Community Sports Coaches
  • 21 graduates employed in the retail sector
  • 4 participants playing netball at the national level
  • 50 participants represented at state and district level netball competitions

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