We’re set for an exciting ANZ Championship season

SATURDAY 15 AUGUST - Australia (AUS) v Jamaica (JAM) in a medal game on Day 9 of the Netball World Cup 2015 SYDNEY. Photo: Murray Wilkinson (NWC2015 Media)

It is truly a new era in ANZ Championship netball in 2016.

New coaches, new athletes and new umpires and the promise of unprecedented media coverage and more attention from the Australian sporting public.

More members following their beloved ANZ Championship teams than ever before and the challenge to turn more Australians into netball fans through the `Experience Netball’ campaign.

All of this and the anticipation of one of the most even Australian Conferences ever.

Australian Diamonds Julie Corletto, Rebecca Bulley and Bianca Chatfield have retired from ANZ Championship, and this has paved the way for our talented up-and-coming pathway defenders such as Emily Mannix, Maddy Turner and Laura Clemesha to possibly gain more court time and experience in the World’s best domestic netball league.

Ric Charlesworth, one of the most admired Australian Coaching legends, has always said to never underestimate the value to a team of the exuberance and enthusiasm of youth!

At the same time being able to blend that youth and inexperience with experienced ANZ athletes in a High Performance environment is always a challenge and requires expert coaching, managing expectations and situational leadership.

All of our Australian ANZ Coaches are up for that challenge and have been working away at this over the pre-season.

It will be fascinating to see also how the new rules will play out in the ANZ Championship, will the game be faster than ever? Will there be more rotations of athletes off and on the bench?

Will there be more long range shooting for goal and less handling of the ball on attack?

Will there be more changes in defensive tactics during a quarter than ever before?

Will momentum changes be handled without the impact of coaching during a quarter?

I can’t wait to see the first round play out and observe the tactics of each team.

Experience netball, let the games begin!