About The Netball Foundation


Netball is the number one sport played by women and girls in Australia. As the representative body, Netball Australia has a strategic aspiration to impact the social, political, economic, education and health status of its community. To help in achieving this aspiration, Netball Australia launched the Netball Foundation in March 2015 to help women and girls achieve their full potential, both on and off the netball court.

Netball is the tool, the end game is giving women and girls the chance to thrive.

Tax deductibility and Deductible Gift Recipient status is provided through a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

The Netball Foundation Panel provides financial oversight, compliance, grant making and advice to the Netball Australia Board. An update on the Netball Foundation’s activities is provided at each Netball Australia Board meeting. The Netball Foundation Panel is required to meet at least three times a year; and once a year the Chief Executive of the Netball Foundation meets with the Netball Australia Audit and Risk Committee. The panel has its performance assessed at least once in each financial year, as prescribed by the Netball Australia Board.

Netball Foundation Panel members are not remunerated.

There are two cornerstone initiatives of the Netball Foundation;
1. The PlayNetball Fund aims to provide opportunities for disadvantaged girls to play netball and enjoy netball’s benefits, the cornerstone campaign under this Fund is Confident Girls.
2. Diamonds Circle aims to enhance investment in the Australian Diamonds pathway by expanding the Wellbeing Program for emerging, current and former Diamonds.


Confident Girls is the main grass roots campaign of the Netball Foundation aimed at giving disadvantaged girls the chance to thrive by providing an opportunity for them to become involved netball and experience netball’s benefits:

  • Building confidence
  • Developing teamwork, leadership, communication and resilience skills
  • Experiencing good health (physical and mental), recognition, achievement, enjoyment and a sense of belonging
  • Strengthening communities and empowering girls
  • Making friends and having fun

In 2016, an improved Confident Girls campaign is aiming to raise $250,000 towards netball programs such as Inclusion NetSetGO program and community introductory programs, utilising a new peer to peer fundraising platform hosted by the Australian Sports Foundation – www.confidentgirls.com.au


The Netball Foundation is the official Fundraising Partner of the Australian Diamonds. The Foundation is helping Netball Australia to enhance its investment in the Australian Diamonds pathway by expanding the Wellbeing Program in key support areas such as:

  • Lifestyle management
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Career counselling and planning
  • Personal development and training courses
  • Educational guidance
  • Employment preparation
  • Career referral networks
  • The transition to professional netball
  • The transition into retirement from professional netball
  • Performance enhancement
  • Endorsed referral network
  • Hardship fund
  • Research and resources to minimise risk of injuries and advance rehabilitation practices

The Netball Foundation is also investigating:

  • Workplace Giving.
  • Commercial Partnerships.
  • Trusts and Foundation Partnerships.
  • CSR Partnerships.
  • Licensing and event upsell opportunities.

The Netball Foundation is the official Fundraising Partner of Netball Australia and the Australian Diamonds.


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