From when netball first came to Australia in the early 1900’s to the present day, equipment such as netball shoes have evolved in accordance with the games.

The most appropriate shoe to wear depends on the playing surface. Hard, more defined soles for asphalt and softer soles for indoor floorboards.

Everyday Sandshoes
When netball was first introduced to Australia in the Early 1900’s, netball players wore everyday sandshoes before the popular Dunlop Volleys and their black ripple sole were introduced.

Mid 1960’s
As netball moved to indoor stadiums it was agreed that the shoes worn needed to have white soles for the protection of the court. Dunlop developed a shoe with black upper and a white sole. The white sole was suitable for indoor and outdoor netball courts.

Major Changes
Shoe companies produced a wider range of shoes and netballers experimented with such shoes as Adidas Romes, Dunlop KT 26’s and netball specific shoes Dunlop ‘Supershots’ and Puma’s ‘Crosscourt”.

Shoes Today
When selecting shoes today, players have the following features to consider:

  • heel counter
  • heal raise
  • stability straps
  • microbells
  • gel layers
Netball Australia’s official shoe supplier is Asics.

Asics offer a wide range of shoes including netball specific shoes. Visit the Asics website at for more information.

This information is courtesy of Netball Victoria publication (1994) “The Awakening Giant” and the Netball Australia archives.