A Q&A with Fast5 Netball World Series host Em Rusciano

Did you play netball as a youngster?
Yes of course I did! It will surprise exactly no-one that I was a feisty mid-courter who would run until she dropped.

Are your daughters excited that you’re going to be mixing in with some of the world’s best netballers?
They’re hard to impress and I think secretly they’re worried that I may take some of the world’s best netballers out with my large bump! I’m sure once they see me out there, they’ll be suitably impressed.

We’ve seen some incredible crowd outfits at the Fast5 Netball World Series over the years and we’ve seen your fabulous sparkly jackets. Are you going to challenge the crowd for best dressed?
I haven’t decided my plan of attack with regards to costuming, as you know I take it VERY seriously. I may just bedazzle a uniform myself, they’re stretchy and comfortable so basically perfect for me at the moment.

Will Baby Rusciano be the youngest person to take the court at a world class netball event?
Possibly! I love the idea of my unborn son mixing it up with all the powerful ladies out on the court!

What player/players are you excited to see play at the series?
I think Verity Charles is a warrior, I’ve a soft spot for plucky mid-courters as previously mentioned so I’m excited to see her take the court for Australia. I also enjoy the power of the Jamaican team, they’re incredible athletes.

If you could be any netball player, who would it be?
I’ve long admired Geva Mentor, she’s consistently been in the best players in the world since she started her career and those ARMS! Don’t even get me started!

What’s your favourite sport? And favourite sporting moment?
Besides netball it would defiantly be track and field. I gave up netball to become a professional track athlete, I idolised Flo-Jo and Carl Lewis. The women’s 100m final at the 1988 Seoul Olympics is one of my all time favourite races. Flo-jo destroyed everyone in the race, she ran 10:54 (the second fastest time ever) and had them beaten 10m in, I loved her nails, I loved her hair, I loved everything about her.