2014 21/U National Championships Day 2 Match Reports

Stay up-to-date with everything that’s happening on a daily basis at the 21/U National Netball Championships in Adelaide thanks to the game reports from our match reporters.




Queensland kept its title hopes alive with an emphatic seven-goal win over a powerful Western Australian side.

In an extremely physical contest, Queensland only just edged out WA after scores were tied with five minutes left to play.

Queensland goal shooter Jemmason Power was exceptional in the dying stages of the game, nailing the last five goals of the match – including one after the final whistle – to clinch the win for her state.

The match started with each team going goal for goal, nothing splitting the two sides. nats4

Intercepts by WA goal defence Jessica Penny and Queensland centre Mahalia Cassidy threatened to blow the game apart, but smooth recoveries from both sides proved it was still anyone’s game at the first break, with scores tied at 10-all.

The second quarter saw bodies flying across the court, as players from both teams fought hard for control of the ball. Luckily no injuries were suffered and each player was able to play out the game.

WA goal attack Emma Cosh proved deadly in the first half, nailing almost impossible shots from the circle’s edge.

However brilliant shooting from Queensland goal attack Claudia Jones ensured her team gained the advantage going into the second half, holding a one-goal lead.

Fantastic hands over the ball pressure and strong rebounding from WA goal keeper Annika Lee-Jones denied plenty of shots from the Queensland shooters in the third quarter, allowing WA to pull away to a one-goal lead going into the last term.

However the combination of Power and Beryl Friday in the Queensland goal circle proved to be a masterstroke by coach Jenny Brazel, with the two shooting 15 goals between them for the last quarter to win the game.

Queensland shooting stats

Claudia Jones 20/32 (63%)
Jemmason Power 13/16 (81%)
Beryl Friday 10/15 (67%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Sophie Garbin 18/24 (75%)
Emma Cosh 18/25 (72%)




South Australia’s title defence remains on track after recording a resounding 52-goal victory over the Australian Capital Territory.

SA dominated the first quarter, scoring 22 goals while keeping the ACT scoreless on the back of strong defence and accurate shooting.

Goal defence Amhelia Schmidt and goal keeper Sarah Klau worked well together in the ring, allowing the ACT only five shots for the quarter.

While ACT regrouped for the start of the second quarter scoring the first three goals, SA settled quickly and by half-time held a match-winning 27-goal lead.

The third quarter started much the same as the first, with SA goal shooter Georgie Virgo continuing to dominate in the ring.

Virgo shot at 88 per cent accuracy or the match and was hard to stop, helped by good passing into the ring.

Despite a change in defence with Maddy Turner replacing Klau in goal keeper, ACT found it difficult to get shots on goal and SA’s pressure was high across the court.

Transitioning the ball was difficult for the visitors, resulting in lots of turnovers.

A change in attack for SA in the fourth quarter with Chelsea Lemke replacing Virgo in goal shooter slowed scoring to some extent but the outcome of the match was never in doubt.

It was a good team effort by the home side in a fast-paced match, not allowing the ACT into the game at any stage.

South Australia shooting stats

Georgie Virgo 45/51 (88%)
Molly Affolter 21/33 (66%)
Chelsea Lemke 4/9 (44%)

ACT shooting stats

Renae Marshall 11/22 (50%)
Emma Walmsley-Stonehouse 4/10 (40%)
Danielle Pickett 3/5 (60%)




Victoria has held off arch rivals New South Wales to claim a thrilling victory in the final game of Round 2 action at Adelaide’s Netball SA Stadium.

The opening stanza was a defensive showcase, with both states applying fierce hands over pressure.

The Victorians settled first however, thanks to some composure and consistent shooting from Alice Teague-Neeld and Ramayer Gourley.

NSW were very long-ball oriented when transitioning from defence to attack, enabling VIC goal keeper Emily Mannix to come off her player and pick off plenty of passes to help Victoria to a three-goal advantage at quarter time.

The second quarter was much like the first, with both teams putting their bodies on the line and hunting turnover ball.

NSW’s defensive pressure was a feature of the quarter, and with the NSW midcourters letting the ball go a little more confidently to Australian 21/U representative Kristina Brice under the post, it seemed NSW were mounting a comeback.

At the other end, Victoria’s goalers created space for each other and used a combination of holding and moving well. At the end of an intense first half of netball, the Vics maintained their three-goal lead.

nats2Victorian coach Kristy Keppich -Birrell made a raft of changes at half-time, most noticeably replacing goal shooter Gourley, who in tandem with Teague-Neeld, was creating plenty of space in the Victorian shooting circle.

A feature of Victoria’s play in the third quarter was their attacking rebounds, with Maddie Morrison and Teague-Neeld making the most of the opportunities under the post.

But NSW made inroads in the third quarter, dominating the play. With captain Amy Sommerville taking more of the shooting load, there was more space at the back for Brice to work in and it helped the Sky Blues reduce the margin to just one goal heading into the final 15 minutes.

The final quarter was unsurprisingly like the first three, with intensity and defensive pressure the highlights from both units.

The application of a midcourt zone was a highlight for Victoria, with NSW struggling to make inroads into the centre third. Some clutch shooting from Teague-Neeld and consistent defensive pressure and some timely intercepts  from Emily Mannix held the Victorians advantage.

Despite some dazzling aerial work from Madeleine Hay at wing defence, the Vics held on for a well-deserved one-goal victory.

Victoria shooting stats

Alice Teague-Neeld 18/26 (69%)
Ramayer Gourley 11/14 (79%)
Maddie Morrison 8/14 (57%)

New South Wales shooting stats

Kristina Brice 27/36 (75%)
Amy Somerville 8/11 (73%)
Lauren Cantwell 1/2 (50%)





Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory have fought out a thrilling draw in the opening game of the third round of the 21/U national championships.

In a spirited contest to begin the afternoon play, both teams were evenly matched across the court with WA’s goalers shooting well.

The first half ebbed and flowed with the lead changing hands several times as both teams fought hard.

Turnovers on both sides saw WA go into the long break in front by just one goal.

While the second half started much the same way, WA pulled away for the biggest lead of the match with a strong finish to the third quarter.

A goal after the siren to goal shooter Sophie Garbin put WA ahead by five goals and it looked as though it was headed to its second win of the week.

However the ACT capitalised on some high-pressure turnovers in the final term to reduce the deficit.

They were unable to get in front on the scoreboard after a pause for an injury time out, with WA using the break to regroup.

The crowd got involved in the last few minutes as the pressure mounted, with the ACT equalising the score with less than a minute to go.

Georgia Marshall moved well for the ACT at goal shooter, not missing a goal in the final term, while Garbin did the same job in attack for WA.

It was a fitting end to the game, with the teams very evenly matched across the board.

Western Australia shooting stats

Sophie Garbin 23/26 (88%)
Emma Cosh 17/25 (68%)

Australian Capital Territory shooting stats

Georgia Marshall 23/31 (74%)
Danielle Pickett 17/26 (65%)




The game lived up to the hype that comes with sporting matches featuring traditional rivals New South Wales and Queensland with an exciting and fast-paced display.

In the end it was NSW that pulled away in the last quarter to win by 10 goals.

While Queensland had the lead halfway through the third quarter it was NSW, inspired by the excellent shooting of goal shooter Kristina Brice, who mounted a comeback and managed to come away victorious.

Brice played her best game of the tournament-to-date, standing strongly under the goal ring and shooting a game-high 46 goals at 89 per cent accuracy.

She was well by Georgia Russell and captain Amy Sommerville, who both shared the goal attack position.

The game began with both teams going goal for goal and NSW holding a one-goal lead at the first break.

The midcourt dominated the second and third quarters, with Queensland centre Olivia O’Donnell and her NSW counterpart Sophie Halpin putting on an impressive show as they battled for dominance.

Although they lost, a sequence of play instigated by Queensland goal shooter Jemmason Power and goal attack Beryl Friday in the third quarter will most likely be remembered as the play of the tournament so far.

Queensland wing attack Stephanie O’Brien threw a high ball into the goal circle where, standing just under the ring, Power lifted up Friday.

Centimetres from the goal ring, Friday caught the ball and shot the goal virtually in the one movement. Although it was a risky move, it spectacularly paid off. Neither player could quite believe it had worked as they smiled and shook their heads.

Queensland’s luck ran out in the last quarter with NSW goal keeper Kristiana Manu’a collecting some impressive intercepts off the back of some wayward passes to help her side to their second victory of the tournament.

New South Wales shooting stats

Kristina Brice 46/52 (89%)
Georgia Russell 5/9 (56%)
Amy Sommerville 4/6 (67%)

Queensland shooting stats

Jemmason Power 25/33 (76%)
Beryl Friday 17/22 (77%)
Claudia Jones 3/6 (50%)





South Australia sealed a tough five-goal victory over Victoria in an entertaining replay of last year’s championship final.

It was a fierce battle from the start with bodies going to ground early on and the pressure from both teams was superb.

Victoria’s goal keeper Emily Mannix instantly attained some quality intercepts and rebounds which helped Victoria get out to a three-goal lead.

Victoria’s defensive pressure was proving a challenge for SA but they managed to steady and hold their composure throughout the court bringing the scores level and capitalising on some unforced errors.


At the first break, Victoria went in with the advantage after a fantastic intercept from centre Madeline Carter near the end of quarter saw Victoria leading 11-10 at quarter-time.

It was SA’s defensive performance that was the stand out in the second quarter with excellent rebounds and hands over pressure by goal defence Amehlia Schmidt and goal keeper Sarah Klau.

With plenty of opportunities to score, SA goal attack Chelsea Lemke and goal shooter Cody Lange worked well together with some terrific moving around the circle and SA managed to go up by six.

Maintaining their cool, VIC centre Madeline Carter and wing attack Maggie Lind fed the ball precisely into the circle which assisted Victoria in reducing the margin with SA leading 23-20 at half-time.

SA brought on Maddy Turner at goal defence in the third quarter and the defence remained strong throughout the quarter.

SA centre Proud showcased her athleticism by keeping the ball in play at once stage and managed to get a brilliant intercept a minute later.

Confident passages of play and accurate shooting from SA got the lead out to the largest of the match at nine goals. However late scores to goal attack Alice Teague-Neeld got Victoria back within six goals at three-quarter-time.

The fourth quarter proved to be a incredibly physical one with both teams giving their all.

Both teams made slight changes as Victoria brought on goal shooter Ramayer Gourley, wing defence Elaine Osei-Safo and moved Melissa Bragg to goal defence. SA transferred Lange to goal attack and Georgie Virgo came on at goal shooter.

A shocking collision between SA’s Proud and Victoria’s Bragg saw both players go to ground. Proud bounced up almost immediately but Bragg looked to be in pain as she remained on the ground, eventually forcing her off the court.

The margin stayed relatively even for the remainder of the match and provided some resilient clashes as either team refused to give up but eventually SA prevailed.


South Australia shooting stats

Cody Lange 20/36 (56%)
Chelsea Lemke 15/23 (65%)
George Virgo 6/11 (55%)


Victoria shooting stats

Alice Teague-Neeld 26/33 (79%)
Mikaela Vaughan 8/19 (42%)
Ramayer Gourley 2/4 (50%)


All photos courtesy of Trevor Webb