17/U and 19/U National Championships Semi-Finals Match Reports

The 17/U and 19/U National Championships are underway at Netball Central in Sydney. Here are the match reports of the Semi Finals action in both age groups.

Images Courtesy of David Callow

17/U Match Reports

New South Wales (26) v Victoria (21) _MCA9304Li

By Rachel Kitching

2014 Champions Victoria battled it out today in a semi-finals against New South Wales, NSW claiming victory 26-21 and earning a spot in the grand final against Queensland tomorrow.

The crowd was electric with both teams shooting goals one after another to create a close encounter for the majority of the match.

It was tight in the opening term, however it was increased possession of the ball from NSW that ultimately gave them the advantage to secure a 6-5 lead overVictoria.

A shift in pace for the game ensued in the second quarter, leaving Victoria unsure how NSW was going to play next. However, not even a minute into the term Victoria scored a fantastic goal that set the tone for the quarter.

NSW centre Tayla Fraser displayed her impressive ball-carry skills although that didn’t stop VIC from responding with back-to-back goals. It seemed that nothing could stop NSW’s dominance however, taking a 14-11 lead into half time.

After the main break NSW intensified the pace with great passes to again leave VIC little opportunity for possession. Victoria’s wing attack Laura Cayzer impressed with great intercepts to help her team add a few more goals to the scoreboard.

However it was an amazing intercept from NSW goal defender Laura Moore that gave goal shooter Veronika Jukic an opportunity to add another goal with just 10 seconds remaining in the match.

Strong chemistry between NSW’s Jukic and goal attack Laura Towell sealed the win and a spot in the Grand Final and left Victoria unable to defend their 2014 title.

New South Wales (26) defeated Victoria (21)

New South Wales scoring stats

Veronika Jukic 15/24 (63%)

Laura Towell 11/13 (85%)

Victoria scoring stats

Danielle Phillips 14/17 (83%)

Rahni Samason 6/9 (67%)

Bridget O’Halloran 1/1 (100%)


Queensland (34) v South Australia (26)
By Claire Macuz_MCA8909Li

A strong-bodied Queensland has solidified their position in the Championship Grand Final tomorrow with a strong win over South Australia 34-26.

A powerful connection between QLD goalers Binnian Hunt and Rylie Holland gave QLD the convincing start they needed, scoring 18 goals in the first half.

Hunt glided around the court, playing in front and implementing a hold on SA goal keeper Tara Hinchliffe, dominating the goal circle with 17 goals for the match in goal shooter.

QLD controlled the midcourt through powerhouse duo Jada Gafa in wing attack and Claudia Fitzpatrick in centre, with Gafa tallying up 10 score assists and deliveries into the QLD goalers.

SA mounted a fight in the third quarter, scoring four unanswered goals following an injury time out called by goal shooter Tarnie Shinnick who was replaced by Mary Wilson.

A much needed goal was provided by Hunt just shy of three quarter time, taking QLD’s lead to seven goals and setting up the final quarter to be as hard-hitting as the first.

SA goal attack Sasha Glasgow continued to be an asset for SA, repeating her solid performance from Day 4, scoring 20 goals from 28 attempts.

The fourth quarter saw QLD extend their lead to 10 goals with five minutes to go, while an injury time out called by SA allowed them to re-group and finish off strong ahead of tomorrow’s play-off for third.

Queensland (34) defeated South Australia (26)

Queensland shooting stats

Rylie Holland 11/12 (92%)

Binnian Hunt 17/28 (61%)

Alexia Baker 6/10 (60%)

South Australia shooting stats

Tarnie Shinnick 4/5 (80%)

Sasha Glasgow 20/26 (77%)

Mary Wilson 2/4 (50%)


ACT (23) v Tasmania (24)

By Claire Macuz

In an absolute thriller semi final, Tasmania have launched an incredible comeback in the fourth quarter to win against the ACT 24-23.

A collision between ACT’s goal defense Bryana Robinson and Tasmania’s goal attack Hollie Moore just after the starting whistle set the tone for the physical match that was to follow.

Robinson seemed to pull up sore after the collision, rotating her shoulder as she walked back to her opponent.

Momentum swings were the tale to tell, with the scores levelled twice in the fourth quarter by Tasmanian goal shooter Renee Terry, shooting seven goals in the second half and 13 for the match.

Tasmanian mid-court player Elise Barwick rotated through both centre and wing attack and tallied up a valiant eight score assists and deliveries into her shooters.

An animated crowd for both sides rallied around their state and launched the final quarter into a contest of the bodies.

A robust ACT line-up were unable to finish the way they started the match, despite leading at every break.

Hesitation from centre court combination Zoe Haseler and Jamie Clayden to deliver the ball to holding goal shooting Nalanie Makunde allowed Tasmanian goal keeper Emma Johns to dominate the goal circle.

The win for Tasmania sees them face Western Australia in tomorrow’s Classification Final to play off for fifth position on the Championships ladder.

Tasmania (24) defeated ACT (23)

ACT shooting stats

Nalanie Makunde 7/8 (88%)

Jacoba Clough 12/15 (80%)

Madison Robinson 4/6 (67%)

Tasmania shooting stats 

Renee Terry 11/16 (69%)

Natasha Shirley 11/13 (85%)

Hollie Moore 2/5 (40%)

Western Australia (38) v Northern Territory (15) 

By Claire Macuz

A gallant effort from Western Australia saw a clinical match, defeating a young Northern Territory side 38-15.

An exciting first quarter promised great things, with both sides starting off strong and delivering the ball to their shooters within the opening minute.

With both sets of shooters missing their first three attempts, goals seemed hard to come by and the match called for someone to rise to the challenge.

WA’s goal attack Morgan Millar did just that, shooting the next four goals to take the lead going in to the first break 10-4.

It was a similar story to follow with Millar scoring an incredible seven consecutive goals, while co-goaler Rose Aryang scored a notable five in a row to blow WA’s lead out to 19 goals at the main break.

A strong match by NT’s goal attack Courtney Murphy saw her score a dominant 12 goals for her state.

The second half was much the same as the first, with WA following suit and scoring another 15 goals.

An injury concern for NT’s goal keeper Isabella Macdonald meant an injury time out needed to be called mid-way through the second quarter, but she played a strong second half on WA youngster Amber Clemesha.

The win for WA means they will play in a Classification Final tomorrow morning for either fifth or sixth position on the final Championship ladder.

Western Australia (38) defeated Northern Territory (15)

Western Australia shooting statistics

Rose Aryang 11/15 (74%)

Amber Clemesha 7/9 (78%)

Morgan Millar 12/18 (67%)

Jessica Meachim 8/13 (62%)

Northern Territory shooting statistics 

Courtney Murphy 11/17 (65%)

Sophie Gaynor 4/7 (58%)

Franjesca Cercarelli 0/2 (0%)


19/U Match Reports

_MCA1412LiNew South Wales (39) v South Australia (26)

By Rachel Kitching

New South Wales dominated the court in the Semi Final to win an impressive 38-26 over a determined South Australia and guarantee them a spot in tomorrow’s Grand Final.

In the opening quarter NSW goal attack Kiera Austin scored the first goal of the match.

Amazing speed and footwork from NSW allowed them to dominate around the ball, giving them a narrow 9-8 lead at the first break.

SA centre Hannah Petty showed immense persistence, chasing the ball to help her team gain possession in the tightly contested match. It was a close half with intensity from SA and a terrific attack from NSW.

It was NSW who came out strong from the quarter-time break, scoring the first goal of the second quarter. But a quick reply from goal shooter Kelsey Williams allowed SA to respond with a goal.

SA goal defender Amelia Basedow demonstrated great control over the ball to give SA an advantage in defence. SA goal shooter Williams continued to utilise her opportunities in front of goal.

The match continued to be highly contested, with goals scored at each end of the court. SA kept up the pressure but were not strong enough to stop NSW’s Austin from keeping her composure under the ring. NSW took a 18-13 lead into half time.

SA started the third quarter with impressive feeds from Petty to goal shooter Hodges.

Williams proved vital for SA as she continued to score goals, tying the game 20-all. With just under five minutes to go until the final break NSW continued to gain possession and extend their lead 26-23.

The pace of final quarter was quick, with each team showing desperation to earn their spot in the Grand Final. A determined NSW dominated the court with centre Elyssa Pierce helping her team to a 38-26 victory.

New South Wales (39) defeated South Australia (26)

New South Wales shooting stats

GA Kiera Austin 16/21 (77%)

GS Cristina Linaker 23/26 (89%)

South Australia shooting stats

GA Charlee Hodges 8/10 (80%)

GS Kelsey Williams 18/24 (75%)


Victoria (39) v Western Australia (28) 

By Rachel Kitching

Victoria has kept their dreams for the National Championships title alive after defeating a determined Western Australia 39-28._MCA1202Li

The game started off with a bang with WA goal shooter Sophie Garbin scoring the first goal of the match. However Victoria ensured the competition was tightly contested, responding with a quick goal.

Impressive ball work from WA gave them the advantage early, however Victoria successfully responded closing the first quarter at a drawn 8-8.

Victoria’s goal attack Zanna Woods and goal shooter Emma Ryde-Coad showed excellent chemistry and great strength to secure two quick goals in the second quarter.

The match moved quickly and WA hoped to close Victoria’s growing lead. However Victoria appeared dominant over WA, taking a 21-16 lead into half time.

WA started the third term with great defensive pressure in the goal circle. Victoria responded with goal defence Jacqueline Newton impressive under pressure.

Victoria’s Woods appeared unstoppable, scoring another two straight goals. However WA persisted, goal keeper Annika Lee-Jones applying pressure through intercepts. Victoria entered the final term with a 31-20 lead.

Despite Victoria’s dominance, WA persisted and pushed hard in the final quarter to narrow the margin.

With just a few minutes remaining, the crowd grew louder and WA hoped to regain the lead. WA showed speed across the court and accurate feeding to their shooters. Goal attack Garbin continued to impress in the shooting circle.

Victoria were too dominant however, winning 39-28 to guarantee their spot in the National Championships Grand Final.

Victoria (39) defeated Western Australia (28)

Victoria shooting stats

Emma Ryde 29/31 (94%)

Zanna Woods 10/12 (84%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Sophie Garbin 19/22 (87%)

Kimberley Shepherd 5/8 (63%)

Annika Lee-Jones 4/7 (58%)

_MCA0309LiACT (28) v Tasmania (26)

By Rachel Kitching

Tasmania has given ACT a run for its money with an extremely close match seeing Tasmania win 28-26.

A terrific goal from Tasmania set the pace for the match, ACT quick to respond with their swift ball movement across the court.

Accurate passing from Tasmania goal attack Deanna Wadley and wing attack Brooke Jones assisted goal shooter Natalie Elridge score a hat trick of goals and a 9-6 lead at the first break.

However ACT displayed great strength and resilience in the second quarter, securing the opening goal and applied fantastic ball and pressure work to chase TAS’s lead.

Impressive play by both teams and only one goal separating the two, it was difficult to predict who would come out on top at the main break.

ACT was quick to bite back with two quick goals to secure the lead. However Tasmania were quick to respond with beautiful work again from Wadley and Elridge to tie up scores end of third quarter 21-21.

The crowd was electric with both teams pushing for the win. Strong defence from Tasmania’s goal keeper Sarah Szczykulski made it difficult for ACT to gain possession in the goal circle.

With just under five minutes left of game time, injury time was called. Both teams were responding to each other’s goals, allowing only a small opportunity to take the lead.

However two goals from Tasmania including an unbelievable goal from Elridge in the dying seconds secured the win 28-26.

ACT (28) defeated Tasmania (26)

ACT scoring stats

Alison Miller 17/21 (81%)

Molly Dickson 7/8 (88%)

Tasmania scoring stats

Natalie Eldridge 20/27 (75%)

Deanna Wadley 8/11 (73%)


_MCA0066LiQueensland (40) v Northern Territory (32) 

By Claire Macuz

An even display of talent and skill resulting in a crunch match saw Queensland come out on top, defeating the Northern Territory 40-32.

QLD’s goal shooter Emma Cook came out firing and shot with absolute composure, only missing three goals for the match, scoring 22 goals from 25 attempts for the match.

Similarly, NT’s goal shooter Lauren Yager also shot a brilliant 21 goals settling her side and keeping them in the match.

A driven performance from on-court leader Abigail Latu-Meafou developed QLD’s lead and solidified their position as the stronger side.

Latu-Meafou played a high-court match, running her opposition goal defence Ashlee Unie all across the court, allowing her to utilise her speed, agility and strong body to provide an extra option for QLD heading into attack.

The second half was just as close as the first, replicating many passages of play and clean-cut passing which eliminated turnovers for both sides.

The third quarter saw NT struggle to have all players on court at the starting whistle, conceding the first goal to QLD in an effortless play.

A dazzling contest between QLD’s wing attack Ally Mcleod and NT’s wing defense Bethany Fry entertained the crowd, providing a subtle hint of the level of physicality occurring during the match.

With the adrenaline running following this win, QLD will head into tomorrow’s classification final with confidence, composure, and belief in the perfection of their passing and accuracy of their scoring.

Queensland (40) defeated Northern Territory (32)

Queensland scoring stats

Emma Cook 22/25 (88%)

Abigail Latu-Meafou 18/26 (70%)

Northern Territory scoring stats

Rebecca Winch 11/11 (100%)

Lauren Yager 21/24 (88%)