17/U & 19/U National Champs Day 3 Match Reports

Stay up-to-date with all the action throughout the day at both the 17/U and 19/U national titles at the Waverley Netball Centre via the match reports from our team of game day reporters.

5NC_275817/U, DAY 3



Tasmania and South Australia traded goals for most of the quarter until SA got a lead late in the quarter to have a 7-4 advantage at quarter-time.

Tasmania made some line-up changes to start the second quarter. Hannah Lee came into goal attack and Frances Di Carlo took the wing attack bib.

SA’s goal attack Stephanie Sarro continued to shoot well throughout the term allowing her side to take an eight-goal lead heading into the major break.

Tasmania once again made line-up changes to start the third quarter with Hollie Moore at goal shooter, Deanna Wadley into goal defence, Di Carlo moved to centre to allow Laura Negri to take the wing attack bib and Ashlee Campell came on at wing defence.

SA brought on Emily Hunter at centre, Lauren Bowshall at goal shooter and Rachel Weideman at goal defence.

Tasmania made passing errors that allowed SA to extend its lead to 29-12 at three-quarter time.

Tasmania brought on Kate Perry at goal keeper for the last quarter and, although the final margin was large, shooters Moore and Lee moved and shot well.

Millie Basedow was a great player for SA throughout the game getting intercepts and contesting everything.

South Australia shooting stats

Stephanie Sarro 17/21 (81%)
Rebecca Hampton 12/14 (86%)
Lauren Bowshall 8/10 (80%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Hannah Lee 8/8 (100%)
Hollie Moore 7/8 (88%)
Natalia Ayesu 3/5 (60%)
Deanna Wadley 2/3 (67%)




WA’s shooters Moeriana Bullen and Alexandra Morgan worked well to provide their side with a five-goal lead half-way through the first quarter.

Northern Territory’s wing defence Lisa Roscarel was working really hard to help her team stay in the game. NT’s wing attack Bronte Pearson had fast, strong leads on the circle edge to help gain back some goals for NT.

WA continued to strengthen its lead throughout the quarter to take a 12-2 advantage into the first break.

The second quarter saw both teams make a change to their wing attacks with Courtney Kruta (WA) and Courtney Murphy (NT) coming on court. WA’s defence picked up in the second quarter making it very difficult for NT to score.

Kruta and centre Phoebe Wilcox fed the WA shooters really well and the end of a dominant first half saw WA leading 22-3.

At the start of the second half both teams made multiple changes. Miquela Vos came into goal shooter, Aleasha Bennett came off the bench and into wing attack and Hannah Cadlolo went into goal keeper for WA.

NT moved Billie Newton to wing defence with Tabatha Saville moving to centre. Chelsea Hambour moved to goal defence and Isabella Macdonald came into goal keeper with Gabrielle Borchers taking the goal attack bib.

Early in the third quarter Moeriana Bullen got some great rebounds helping her team to extend their lead while Saville had a great impact at centre feeding really well to her shooters.

WA’s speed down the court made it very difficult for NT score managing only two goals in the third quarter. They trailed WA 33-5 at the last break.

In the last quarter NT brought Lisa Roscarel back on at centre and Bethany Fry at wing defence and Tabatha Saville moved to wing attack.

WA also made a few changes, taking Bullen off and replacing her with Vos. However that change was soon reversed when injury forced Vos off court.

Kruta came back on at wing defence, Morgan returned to goal shooter, Zoe Spencer moved to centre and Hannah Cadlolo and Olivia Lewis switched between the goal defence and goal keeper positions.

Kruta pulled off a couple of great intercepts early in the quarter as WA’s goal third players worked really well to keep scoring goals.

Western Australia shooting stats

Moeriana Bullen 18/21 (86%)
Alexandra Morgan 17/19 (90%)
Miqeula Vos 6/10 (60%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Franjesca Cercarelli 3/8 (38%)
George Clark 1/3 (34%)
Gabrielle Borchers 1/5 (20%)


VICTORIA 38 def ACT 24


The ACT surprised Victoria in the opening term, led by wing defence Niki Karapanagos, to take a two-goal lead into quarter-time.

Victorian brought Libby Birch into centre to start the second term and the hosts quickly gained the ascendancy. Mardi Cunningham’s great hands on the ball and shooting by Mandy Hanegraaf and Kaila- Mae Keepen saw Victoria take an 18-13 lead into the main break.

Both teams making some changes after the major break with Rahni Samason moving to goal attack, Birch to wing attack and Tayla Honey taking the centre bib.

ACT brought on Carly Symons at wing attack, Meg Sokic moved to goal attack to allow Alison Miller to take the goal shooter position.

Birch made some great drives at the circle edge and Honey worked hard to obtain intercepts as Victoria was able to extend its lead to 10 goals late in the third term.

Karapanagos continued to contest everything while centre Zoe Haseler moved the ball well and was making great drives in their goal third. But Victoria ran away with it in the late stages of the quarter to lead 31-19 heading into the last term.

Victorian brought Carly Harrison into wing attack and Sharni Lambden to wing defence while the ACT brought Alana Bowyer to goal defence, Lucy Laurent into wing defence, Carly Symons moved into centre and Georgia Winter took the wing attack position.

Goal defence Jacqueline Newton was good in defence for Victoria as the hosts ran away to a 14-goal victory.

Victoria shooting stats

Mandy Hanegraaf 30/33 (91%)
Rahni Samason 6/7 (86%)
Kailah-Mae Keepen 2/4 (50%)

ACT shooting stats

Megan Sokic 15/18 (84%)
Alison Miller 5/5 (100%)
Leila Basic 4/6 (67%)




Queensland and New South Wales fought out the first draw of this year’s national championships with the Sky Blues overcoming a slow opening term to share the points.

Queensland got off to a great start, scoring the first three goals of the match with Abigail Latu-Meafou and Binnian Hunt working well to gain a seven-goal lead over NSW at quarter-time. 5NC_2737

The Sky Blues struggled to move the ball throughout the opening term because of Queensland’s high defensive pressure. But NSW turned the game around in the second term, quickly reducing the deficit in the first couple of minutes.

Both teams made changes with NSW bringing on Amy Parmenter in the wing defence position, Kiera Austin at goal attack, Lauren Moore moved to goal keeper and Cassandra Radford moved to goal defence.

Moore was very effective pulling in great rebounds and intercepts as NSW fought back to within two goals at half-time.

Queensland made line-up changes at the main break bringing on Alexia Baker into goal attack and moving Lenora Misa to goal keeper, allowing Annabella Sorby into goal defence.

Queensland’s new defensive team worked well but NSW had managed to sneak in front half-way through the third term.

But Queensland wrestled the lead back and went into the final term leading 24-23.

In a tense final term, the intensity increased with supporters of both states getting vocal.

With a minute remaining NSW trailed by one goal but in the dying seconds, Kiera Austin scored a goal to draw the match.

Queensland shooting stats

Abigail Latu-Meafou 21/22 (95%)
Binnian Hunt 6/7 (86%)
Alexia Baker 3/5 (60%)
New South Wales shooting stats

Prudence Ellis 17/22 (78%)
Kiera Austin 12/17 (71%)
Loren Singleton 1/3 (34%)




You could sense there was a lot of pride at stake in this game as both teams were keen to register their first wins of the tournament.

As anticipated, it was a tight contest early with both teams trading goals as the game began to heat up. The defensive pressure was highly evident on both sides of the court – with Kate Perry from Tasmania helping restrict the opposition to four goals at quarter-time.

The second quarter began and immediately Tasmania began to demonstrate some of their fine attacking skills. This was helped by the supreme accurate shooting by Hollie Moore, who shot a perfect seven goals in the quarter. The score rocketed out to a 12-goal lead for Tasmania, 20-8, at the main break.

The second half got underway and there were a few new faces on the court. Particularly Saville Tabatha, who came into the wing defence position for Northern Territory.

She displayed tremendous fight and determination throughout the second half. Albeit, this was not to affect the score line as it progressed to 25-11.

The final quarter began and Northern Territory wanted to finish off as strongly as possible.They certainly achieved this by winning the quarter by four goals, with the final score reading 32-20.

Captain, Shelby Miller from Tasmania showed excellent leadership skills throughout the game – and was one of the main reasons why her team got over the line.

Both teams can take many positives from this game as Tasmania got the result it was after, but Northern Territory finished off in an optimistic manner.

Tasmania shooting stats

Hannah Lee 15/19 (79%)
Hollie Moore 14/20 (64%)
Natalia Ayesu 3/5 (60%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Georgia Clarke 15/19 (79%)
Savanah Tiller 5/12 (42%)
Courtney Murphy 0/3 (0%)




There was an electric atmosphere on court at Waverly Netball Centre as South Australia got ready to play Western Australia.

Coming into the game both sides had registered two victories each – so the points were equally crucial.

The game began with much intensity as the crowd really made their presence felt. Charlee Hodges began shooting well as she had been doing throughout the tournament – and was making life rather difficult for the WA defenders.

This enabled SA to storm to a commanding lead at quarter time 10-2.

SA’s defensive pressure in the second quarter was relentless as it continuously forced turnovers from WA.

However, the tide began to turn thanks to some great shooting from Miquela Vos and eventually WA began to claw its way back into the match. It seemed that they had found some sort of energy late on in the quarter to carry momentum into the second half.

WA’s head coach English Lorraine sensed that her side had every chance to make an impact in the third quarter and, with the lead a mere seven goals the physicality of the game lifted. Both sides traded goals early on and WA’s captain Phoebe Wilcox displayed great leadership skills all over the court.

It was the link up play between SA’s centre Hannah Petty and the two shooters which at times was irresistible to watch. They shot away late in the quarter to find themselves 25-12 ahead.

It was more of the same as the last quarter got underway – although SA proved far too strong for a very upbeat WA team.

The final score was 34-20 and this was a great result for SA as they looked to progress further in the competition.

South Australia shooting stats

Stephanie Sarro 18/21 (86%)
Charlee Hodges 16/22 (73%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Miquela Vos 11/14 (79%)
Moeriana Bullen 9/11 (82%)




Queensland heads into the final day of the national championships assured of a major semi-final finish after holding out a determined ACT.

The opening few minutes of the game saw both teams looked to keep in touch with one another. The enthusiastic Queensland supporters were right behind their team, constantly urging and encouraging them forward.

But it was a tense affair, with the scores locked at 9-all at quarter-time.

The centres from both sides were working tremendously hard to support their team – and some of the flowing netball on display was a joy to watch.

Alexia Baker was a stand-out for Queensland as she constantly found herself in positive positions. It was due to her impressive shooting that Queensland found themselves slightly in front at the main interval 19-16.

The third quarter began and Queensland’s coach Amanda Vanderwal was highly vocal as she recognised how critical this game was for her team.

Eventually, Queensland managed to breakaway from the stoic ACT side. However, Alana Bowyer was close to best-on-court as she defended her goals gallantly. Queensland went into the final change leading by six goals.

ACT’s support staff knew that this game was still well and truly up for grabs and the underdogs were proving worthy opponents for this robust Queensland side.

Nonetheless, it was a great team performance from Queensland, were everyone contributed equally to their cause.

Queensland ran out 39-27 winners and still find themselves undefeated in the competition with a big match against Victoria to round out its preliminary matches.

Queensland shooting stats

Abigail Latu-Meafou 24/30 (80%)
Alexia Baker 8/13 (62%)
Binnian Hunt 7/11 (64%)

ACT shooting stats

Alison Miller 16/19 (84%)
Leila Basic 11/17 (64%)




New South Wales handed Victoria its first defeat of this year’s national championships to take top spot on the ladder at the end of Round 6.

In front of the biggest crowd of the tournament so far, the game got underway and NSW got away to a strong start, shooting the first three goals of the match.

Victoria was unable to keep pace with its opponents and the Sky Blues led 8-4 at the end of the first quarter.

NSW then put a sizeable gap between itself and Victoria with six unanswered goals to start the second term, largely thanks to the terrific workrate from their captain Amy Parmenter.

Countless errors cost Victoria and at half-time the hosts trailed 18-11. Coach Leesa Gallard tried her upmost to lift her players to start the second half, but to no avail.

NSW were first to every ball and fighting every contest. Prudence Ellis was a colossus in goals, giving nightmares to the Victorian defence all game.

Going into the last quarter, Gallard made a host of positional changes in hope of sparking her players but again it was sloppy errors from the Victorians which saw them cough up possession on more than one occasion.

NSW were playing breathtaking netball – with confidence at an all-time high, and errors non-existent they looked to put the game to bed.

NSW shooting stats

Kiera Austin 21/25 (84%)
Prudence Ellis 13/19 (69%)

Victoria shooting stats

Rahni Samason 10/12 (84%)
Jane Cook 9/9 (100%)
Kailah-Mae Keepen 6/7 (86%)


19/U, DAY 3



5NC_2389Western Australia has kicked off round five of the national championships with a resounding 22-goal victory over New South Wales.

The win makes it two in a row for WA after defeating Tasmania by 14 goals on Tuesday night, moving it past NSW into the top four and in contention for a major semi-final berth.

WA made its intentions known from the first centre pass of the game, scoring the opening five goals before NSW’s Lauren Yager broke the streak.

An injury timeout through a Tanisha Stanton tumble allowed NSW coach Briony Campbell to try and rally her players, but WA kept the momentum to lead 25-12 at half-time.

WA wing attack Rebecca Tuckey was significant in those early stages, playing the passing lanes skillfully to help her midcourters control the contest.

NSW had no answer for WA’s lobbed balls into goal shooter Annika Lee-Jones, who scored 33 goals from 40 attempts.

WA paired Lee-Jones with Kimberley Shepherd in attack, opting to rest Georgia Pitt, who fired last night with 27 goals.

NSW received some relief through a greater emphasis on team defence in the second half, with Billie Gurr performing admirably at goal keeper.

Charlotte Jasprizza also hustled well around midcourt to wrestle back some of the momentum.

NSW’s next match is against the in-form Queensland squad.

Western Australia shooting stats

Annika Lee-Jones 33/40 (82%)
Kimberley Shepherd 13/15 (87%)

New South Wales shooting stats

Lauren Yager 15/17 (88%)
Olivia Doyle 6/10 (60%)
Natalie Eldridge 3/5 (60%)




Queensland continued its recent dominance of the 19/U national championships with a 41-goal win over the Northern Territory.

The win cements Queensland’s spot in the top four with two matches left to play in the preliminary rounds.

The tournament’s leading goal scorer Cara Koenan put her skills on display in the first half, scoring 23 goals to bring her tally to 130.

Koenan’s first half spark was all Queensland needed to put the game firmly in their grasp, as they lead at all changes including a nine-goal lead at the quarter-time whistle.

The comfortable lead allowed Queensland to rest some of its key players, substituting off Koenan, Mahalia Cassidy and captain Hulita Haukinima in the second half.

The subs allowed the likes of Josephine Hungerford and Kristen Oxenford to work their way into the game, impressing with fantastic passing efficiency in the midcourt.

Northern Territory’s Maddy Balson showcased her fortitude, limiting the impact of Queensland’s shooters from goal defence in the second half.

Queensland shooting stats

Cara Koenan 23/24 (96%)
Ruby Paton 18/24 (75%)
Bianca Catellini 11/16 (69%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Ashlee Singleton 4/6 (67%)
Sam Gooden 3/3 (100%)
Ruby Smith 3/6 (50%)
Megan Crawford 1/2 (50%)




South Australia has overcome a determined ACT to score a 14-goal win in Round 5 of the national championships.

It took South Australia a while to shake the cobwebs of their eight point first loss to Queensland last night, with the ACT controlling the tempo of the game in the first half.

5QS_2529The ACT’s midcourt combination Jo Collis, Hayley Ngametua and Ainsley McGrath were pivotal in retaining possession during that period, as they trailed by just two goals at the half time whistle.

Their goal shooter Victoria Schmahl was also causing the opposition plenty of trouble, shooting her 25 goals with high precision at 96%. ACT had to reshuffle the midcourt in the second half though, with Collis’ troublesome ankle forcing her from her from the game.

Breanna Toze was moved to wing attack in response, but the ACT struggled to regain their composure throughout the remainder of the match.

South Australia’s Maddy Winch and and Kelsey Williams formed potent attacking duo when placed together in the second half, combining for 24 goals.

Midcourt general Bec Moyne was also at her best in the first three quarters, keeping her side in front on the scoreboard.

South Australia shooting stats

Kelsey Williams 16/18 (89%)
Taylor Greig 12/18 (67%)
Bec Winch 8/9  (89%)
Ashleigh Jones 6/10 (60%)

ACT shooting stats

Victoria Schmahl 25/26 (96%)
Sophie Immomen 2/2 (100%)
Molly Dickson 1/4 (25%)




Victoria remains the only undefeated side after five rounds of the national championships after defeating Tasmania by 11 goals.

The Vics controlled the contest from start to finish, not looking back from a seven-goal advantage at the end of the first quarter to storm to victory.

Goal keeper Julia Smith was the catalyst for the Victorians, creating a number of attacks with crucial interceptions in her defensive circle.

Smith frustrated opposition goal shooters Stephanie Wiechelt and Ash Mawer in either half, curbing their influence with superior movement and communication in the back third.

Kate Eddy was also inventive in her time spent in attack with Emily Ryde-Coad, with the tandem collaborating to get good shooting opportunities under the net.

Ryde-Coad scored 19 goals to bring her tally to 92 for the tournament before being rested in the final quarter.

Tasmania’s Victoria Honner was a bright light for her side, continuing her excellent tournament thus far.

Honner spent time at both goal defence and goal keeper where she excelled despite being constantly under pressure from the Victorian midcourt.

Victoria’s undefeated record will go under threat tonight when it meets defending champions South Australia in the final game of round six.

Victoria shooting stats

Emma Ryde-Coad 19/24 (80%)
Katharine Dicker 13/17 (77%)
Ashlee Port 4/8 (50%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Kate Archer 11/16 (69%)
Ashlee Mawer 7/11 (64%)
Georgie Briggs 4/6 (67%)
Stephanie Weichelt 3/5 (60%)




The scoreboard was not an accurate indication of how entertaining Queensland’s 20-goal win over New South Wales was.

Two turnovers by Queensland early in the quarter and well placed passes by centre Mahalia Cassidy into the circle, allowed Queensland to score six goals before NSW got on the scoreboard.

Turnovers by Queensland kept coming and captain Hulita Haukinima intercepted the ball in NSW’s circle, continuing to drive hard in the mid court to help move the ball in a play that resulted in a Queensland goal.

Surprisingly at the end of the first quarter, Queensland led by a comfortable margin of 12 goals in what was expected to be a tight game.

Queensland continued with its momentum capitalising on a free pass against NSW goal attack Olivia Doyle to start the second quarter.

NSW refused to give up and tried to press the ball into its third.

However, Queensland’s defence was able to stop the ball from entering NSW’s attacking circle, with its pressure causing a held ball call.

Queensland forced errors from the Sky Blues and grew its lead to 20 goals at half-time.

In the third quarter NSW showed indications of starting a comeback through more effective entry into its goal circle.

Despite this, Queensland’s shooters Bianca Cattelini and Cara Koenen continued their solid work in the circle, as Queensland entered the final quarter with a 22-goal lead, the largest of the match.

With a sizeable lead Queensland decided to rest Cattelini and bring on Ruby Paton as goal attack in the fourth quarter.

NSW still continued to push and some good plays were evident in the final quarter. However Queensland’s pace throughout the court, assisted by Cassidy’s non stop run and drive, helped Queensland continue its consistent performance in a game it dominated.

Queensland shooting stats

Cara Koenen 37/42 (88%)
Bianca Cattelini 3/6 (50%)
Ruby Paton 2/3 (67%)

New South Wales shooting stats

Lauren Yager 13/13 (100%)
Natalie Eldridge 9/13 (69%)




A closely fought game saw the Northern Territory upstage Western Australia by three goals for its first win of the tournament.

The ball went back and forth following intercepts, contacts, and calls of stepping, before Western Australia recorded the first goal at the two minute mark of the quarter.

The game then continued goal-for-goal as WA intercepted to score the last goal of the quarter, drawing the scores level at 8-all at the first break.

The tight tussle for the ball continued as both team’s pressure made it difficult for its opposition to move the ball down the court freely, with turnovers occurring often.

The game remained evenly contested throughout the first half and the Northern Territory only held a one goal lead at half-time.

Brilliant reading of the play led to an intercept by Northern Territory goal attack Samantha Gooden from a goal keeper throw in.

The NT continued to surge after this point and its dominance of the quarter blew the lead out to five goals. However, WA fought back late in the quarter to keep its deficit to three goals going into the last quarter.

The crowd was vocal in the last quarter cheering as the Northern Territory looked determine to hold on to its lead, driving hard for the ball.

Wing defence Nadine van der Nest always remained an option for her side’s centre pass  as WA’s defence remained strong.

However, van der Nest was just one standout player in a fantastic team effort that resulted in the Northern Territory’s victory.

Northern Territory shooting stats

Ashlee Singleton 15/17 (88%)
Samantha Gooden 13/18 (72%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Georgia Pitt 14/18 (78%)
Paige Doy 6/11 (55%)
Kimberley Shepherd 5/9 (56%)


TASMANIA 32 def ACT 22


Tasmania opened up the match in the second half to defeat the ACT by 10 goals.

ACT put strong pressure on Tasmania’s centre pass, however when Tasmania did start moving the ball, its drive to the goal circle was quick and direct.

But some inaccurate shots at goal from Tasmania’s shooters Georgie Briggs and Kate Archer meant it only entered the second quarter with a one goal lead over the ACT.

Archer and Briggs improved their accuracy in the second term as the ACT’s shooters Victoria Schmahl and Sophie Immonen were also damaging down the opposite end of the court.

Both teams continued to be evenly matched throughout the first half and Tasmania maintained its one-goal margin at the long break.

The transfer of Hayley Bowyer to goal keeper from goal defence was an effective move for the ACT as she put pressure on Tasmania’s attackers and intercepted the ball.

However Tasmania’s fast movement of the ball was a too much to stop and the Island state grew its lead to five goals at the end of the third quarter.

Tasmania’s shooters followed up their shots to ensure rebounds did not result in turnovers as its midcourt constantly provided the shooters with plenty of opportunities.

The ball spent a fair majority of the final quarter in Tasmania’s attacking third as it surged to victory.

Tasmania shooting stats

Georgie Briggs 18/22 (82%)
Ashlea Joy Mawer 11/20 (55%)
Kate Archer 3/9 (33%)

ACT shooting stats

Victoria Schmahl 14/19 (74%)
Sophie Immonen 5/5 (100%)
Molly Dickson 3/4 (75%)




Victoria comfortably defeated last year’s 19/U champions in the final match of Round 6 to remain the only unbeaten side.

At the start of the first quarter no team was able to break a centre until SA got a goal resulting from a poor throw going out of court in Victoria’s attacking third.

Shortly after, Victoria was able to break back with quick passes direct into its circle.

Helped by an intercept from goal keeper Kate Eddy, Victoria gained control of the first quarter leading by six goals at the break.

SA goal keeper Lucy Armfield did well to intercept the ball against tall Victorian shooter Emma Ryde-Coad, although rebounds were hard to get as Ryde-Coad effectively used her height.

Victoria also caused many turnovers in the midcourt and this blocking of SA’s entry into its attacking circle helped Victoria extend its lead to 12 goals at half-time.

Four players were brought from the bench onto the court, as SA made several lineup changes to try and reduce Victoria’s impact on the game.

However the changes were ineffective in stopping Victoria’s momentum, as shooters Ryde-Coad and Andrea Tai successfully converted the abundance of ball they were receiving in the circle.

Victoria’s strong pressure continued into the final quarter as it aimed to extend a 15-goal lead.

SA tried hard to drive the ball into its attacking circle and was able to add nine goals to its total in the last quarter.

While SA was able to slow down Victoria’s stream of goals and make a slight comeback, Victoria still recorded an impressive 11-goal win.

Victoria shooting stats

Emma Ryde-Coad 21/26 (81%)
Andrea Tai 14/15 (93%)
Ashlee Porter 2/6 (33%)

South Australia shooting stats

Taylor Greig 10/12 (83%)
Kelsey Williams 10/14 (71%)
Ashleigh Jones  5/7 (71%)
Rebecca Winch 1/2 (50%)

Photos: Courtesy of Brian Munro, Sport-in-digital.