17/U & 19/U National Champs Day 2 Match Reports

Stay up-to-date with all the action throughout the day at both the 17/U and 19/U national titles at the Waverley Netball Centre via the match reports from our team of game day reporters.

3QS_147717/U, DAY 2



An explosive start to the match with Queensland getting away to an early lead before South Australia quickly hit back to level the match up.

Lenora Misa made a great start in defence for Queensland while while Abigail Latu-Meafou was doing her bit at the other end with great movement and shooting.

After a goal-for-goal quarter it was Queensland that held a slight 9-8 lead at quarter-time.

SA started the second quarter with Sarah Raper going back to goal keeper, Millie Basedow moving to the goal defence and Georgia Brown coming off the bench into wing defence.

Basedow had an instant impact with great defensive pressure causing offensive errors for Queensland, but SA couldn’t capitalise as they went into half-time trailing 17-14.

After the main break South Australia made more changes with Lauren Bowshall coming into goal shooter, Rachel Weideman coming into goal defence and Emily Hunter taking the wing attack position.

But it couldn’t stop Queensland, who extended its lead to 10 goals at the final break.

SA once again made a couple of changes with Charlee Hodges moving into wing attack to allow Stephanie Sarro into the goal attack position.

Both Queensland shooters Latu-Meafou and Alexia Baker stood out with accurate shooting throughout the quarter and backed up by good defensive pressure by their defenders helped their side to record a 12-goal win.

Queensland shooting stats

Abi Latu- Meafou 29/33 (88%)
Alexi Baker 10/13 (77%)


South Australia shooting stats

Charlee Hodges 11/13 (85%)
Lauren Bowshall 7/7 (100%)
Rebecca Hampton 6/7 (86%)
Stephanie Sarro 3/4 (75%)




The match started with New South Wales getting away to an early lead with Prudence Ellis moving swiftly and creating goals in the circle.

NSW led by five goals at quarter time and came out firing to start the second quarter as the Sky Blues continued to extend their lead.

Some great movement under the ring by Tasmania goal attack Hannah Lee allowed her side to peg a back a couple of goals before NSW took a nine-goal lead into half-time. 3NC_1718

Both teams made changes after the major break. Tasmania brought Shelby Miller into centre and Frances Di Carlo to wing defence.

NSW gave Loren Singleton a rest and brought Kiera Austin into the goal attack position. Lauren Moore moved to goal defence making room for Amy Parmenter at wing defence and Cassandra Radford took the goal keeper’s bib.

Some early turnovers saw Tasmania shorten NSW’s lead to eight before a great intercept by Parmenter helped the Sky Blues stretch their lead out to 10 goals mid-way through the term.

An injury time-out was called with over four minutes remaining by Tasmania with Nikki Miller coming off and Emma Johns taking her place at goal defence.

Ellis continued to shoot well and Claire O’Brien was prominent in the wing attack position as NSW took a 19-goal lead into the final term.

Again, both teams made line-up changes with Loren Singleton having a stint at goal shooter for NSW, Leanne Grevenitz moved to goal keeper, Cassandra Radford to goal defence and Kristen Kessler took the wing attack bib.

Tasmania moved Emma Johns into goal keeper, Deanna Wadley came onto goal defence, Hannah Lee moved to goal shooter making room for Hollie Moore at goal attack.

Moore was effective, shooting well in the opening minutes of the final term and worked well with Lee.

Kessler proving a good addition to the attack for NSW, feeding well to the shooters while Radford applied get defensive pressure, allowing her to snatch intercepts all the way down the court as NSW ran out 25-goal winners.

New South Wales shooting stats

Prudence Ellis 30/35 (86%)
Loren Singleton 10/14 (71%)
Kiera Austin 9/10 (90%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Hannah Lee 14/19 (74%)
Natalia Ayesu 7/11 (64%)
Hollie Moore 3/4 (75%)




1NC_1059It was a good start by Western Australia as it scored the first three goals of the game and the defensive pressure resulted in pushing the margin out to six.

An injury time was called with three minutes left in the first quarter and the ACT made a few changes. Alison Miller was replaced at goal shooter by Meg Sokic while Bryanna Robinson replaced Georgia Rixon at goal keeper.

WA held a strong lead at quarter time 12-5 and goal shooter Alexandra Morgan nailed a couple of goals in the early minutes of the second quarter to stretch the lead out further.

ACT’s centre Zoe Haseler made speedy leads down the court to try and keep her side in the game.

Wing defence Phoebe Wilcox contributed to WA’s fast movement and intercepts, helping it extend the lead to 10 goals at half-time.

ACT’s defence stepped up in the third quarter with Claudia Barton getting quite a few defensive rebounds. Many changes were made to both sides.

WA wing attack Helen Taylor moved the ball down the court well and found space on the ring to allow her to feed the shooters. At three-quarter time WA led 32-15 and both teams again made changes for the last term.

Rixon came back on in goal defence for ACT and Georgia Winter took Zoe Haseler’s position at wing attack. WA brought on Aleasha Bennett at goal attack and Helen Taylor moved to centre – but within the first minutes came off due to injury and was replaced by Wilcox.

Quick movement in the circle saw Bennett get a few easy goals as WA went onto to record a comfortable 24-goal win.

Western Australia shooting stats

Miquela Vos 15/20 (75%0
Alexandra Morgan 14/17 (82%)
Moeriana Bullen 13/17 (76%)
Aleasha Bennett 2/3 (67%)

ACT shooting stats

Leila Basic 8/13 (62%)
Megan Sokic 7/11 (64%)
Alison Miller 3/3 (100%)
Georgia Winter 2/2 (100%)




Wing attack Carly Harrison helped Victoria get away to a strong start, forming good leads on the circle and applying great defensive pressure.

Jacqueline Newton and Mardi Cunningham worked well together to give Victorian an early advantage while shooters Mandy Hanegraaf and Rahni Samason worked well together to get the hosts away to a 13-2 quarter-time lead.

3QS_1432The second quarter saw NT rest Tabatha Saville and bring Bronte Pearson into the centre position.

The Victorian shooters continued to work well under the ring, helping to extend the lead to 15. Carly Harrison and Casey Adamson worked well together to feed the shooters and produce goals.

Victoria held a commanding 27-4 lead at half-time, allowing for some changes to be made to its line-up. Hanegraaf moved to goal attack with Jane Cook coming on at goal shooter.

Libby Birch came off the bench and into the wing defence position, Tayla Honey took the wing attack bib and Harrison moved to centre.

NT made many changes. Bethany Fry moved to goal defence to allow Lisa Roscarel off the bench and into wing defence. Savannah Tiller came on into goal attack and Tabatha Saville came back onto centre.

Both teams made offensive errors early on in the term, but it was Victoria who dominated the quarter.

NT’s defensive pressure saw them pick off intercepts as they temporarily reduced the margin.

NT made more changes at three-quarter time, taking off Bethany Fry and replacing her with Chelsea Hambour. Bronte Pearson replaced Billie Newton at wing attack.

Victorian goal attack Kaila Mae Keepen worked really well offensively shooting as well as defensively, getting the ball back.

Although the full-time scoreline showed a clear Victorian dominance, NT didn’t give up contesting every pass right through to the final whistle.

Victoria shooting stats

Mandy Hanegraaf 21/25 (84%)
Rahni Samason 14/16 (88%)
Jane Cook 6/7 (86%)
Kaila Mae Keepen 4/4 (100%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Gabrielle Borchers 5/10 (50%)
Savannah Tiller 4/4 (100%)
Georgia Clark 3/4 (75%)
Franjesca Cercarelli 1/5 (20%)




Queensland defeated Tasmania comfortably in a game where both teams were evenly matched in the midcourt, making it difficult for either team to get the ball through the centre third.

However Queensland was able to claim a six-goal lead at the end of the first quarter due to strong driving and accurate shooting from goal attack Binnian Hunt.

Excellent reading of the play by Tasmanian goal defence Nikki Miller and wing defence Dana Lesler caused turnovers in Queensland’s attacking third.

But no goals came easy from these turnovers, as Queensland’s defensive pressure meant Tasmania was forced to pass the ball around its third several times before getting the ball in the goal circle.

Precise shooting by Queenslander’s attackers continued and they helped grow the team’s lead to 10 goals at the half-time break.

Tasmania made two line-up changes going in the second half, with the fresh legs of goal attack Deanna Wadley paired with the run of wing attack Laura Negri helping to increase the time the ball spent in Tasmania’s attacking third dramatically.

Despite this, Queensland continued its full court consistency and were again able to increase their lead to 14 going into the fourth quarter.

Queensland continued to push to extend its lead in the final quarter, as direct passes quickly got the ball into the goal circle where Hunt and Clare Frost converted to guide their state to a 13-goal win.

Queensland shooting stats

Clare Frost 22/23 (96%)
Binnian Hunt 15/22 (68%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Hannah Lee 11/16 (68%)
Deanna Wadley 6/10 (60%)
Natalia Ayesu 5/8 (63%)
Hollie Moore 2/5 (40%)




The loud encouragement from the crowd and players on court was an early indication of how intense this game, which New South Wales won by five goals, would be.

Both teams were evenly matched across the court and were able to move the ball quickly into their respective attacking thirds.

Each player stayed tight on their opposition as South Australia claimed a slight two-goal advantage at the end of the first quarter.

Early on in the second quarter, the desire to get the ball resulted in NSW goal keeper Lauren Moors and goal defence Kirra Jones colliding and having to call an injury time. However both were okay to play on.

NSW continued to push and its determination was rewarded as it drew level with SA in the final minute of the quarter.

Quick movements from the centre pass in the final seconds of the half got the ball into NSW’s goal circle. From this play Kiera Austin was able to score a goal after the buzzer, giving NSW a one-goal advantage as it entered the second half.

NSW continued to hold the momentum of the game as it intercepted one of SA’s early centre passes in the third quarter which was converted to a goal by Austin.

SA goal keeper Sarah Raper tried hard to stop NSW goal shooter Prudence Ellis, however Ellis’ height meant any rebounds were hard for the SA defence to collect.

Raper was finally able to pull in a rebound towards the end of the quarter, but this didn’t lead to a conversion and the Sky Blues extended their lead to four goals at the end of the third quarter.

Chants of “SA” were heard from the vocal crowd at the start of the last term, however a comeback was not to be.

NSW continued to contest every ball as the effort and determination to win from each player was rewarded with the victory.

New South Wales shooting statistics

Kiera Austin 21/25 (84%)
Prudence Ellis 12/21 (57%)

South Australia shooting statistics

Charlie Hodges 20/24 (83%)
Stephanie Sarro 8/11 (73%)




Victoria has recorded a comfortable win against Western Australia in a game it dominated from the beginning.

Victoria began the match with five unanswered goals and, even though WA was able to score two goals in quick succession, Victoria’s shooters Jane Cook and Rahni Samason shot accurately to give Victoria a five goal lead at the end of the quarter.

WA made several changes to their lineup to try and combat Victoria’s early command of the match.

Miquela Vos’ height was a helpful addition to WA’s goal circle. Her early inaccuracy subsided and she was able to make the most of the ball entry into the goal circle.

Great defence by Victoria’s midcourt players put pressure on WA trying to move the ball down the court.

Turnovers caused by this pressure allowed Victoria to increase their lead to 10 goals at half-time.

Victoria again kept WA goaless until nearly the midway point of the quarter, as the effective shooting team of Cook and Samason added 11 goals to Victoria’s total.

Victoria also maintained its pressure in defence, blocking its opposition successfully and forcing a held ball call against WA.

Both teams started the last quarter well scoring five goals apiece in the first half of the term. WA was greatly improved throughout the court using direct, fast plays to get the ball to its shooters.

With their improvement WA helped ensure the margin did not increase from three-quarter time, with Victoria running out 17-goal winners.


Victoria shooting statistics

Jane Cook 16/17 (94%)
Rahni Samason 13/15 (87%)
Mandy Hanegraaf 7/7 (100%)
Kailah-Mae Keepen 2/3 (67%)

Western Australia shooting statistics

Miqeula Vos 15/19 (79%)
Alexandra Morgan 2/2 (100%)
Aleasha Bennett 2/2 (100%)
Moeriana Bullen 2/4 (50%)




A determined ACT kept the Northern Territory goalless in the opening quarter to set-up a 21-goal victory in a one-sided match to wrap up Round 4 action.

Misthrows and fumbled catches by the Northern Territory in its attacking third allowed the ACT to bring the ball to its goal circle and score eight goals for the quarter.

The Northern Territory brought on a new goal shooter and goal attack in the second quarter and this was a successful move as, three minutes into the quarter, Courtney Murphy scored the NT’s first goal of the game.

Defence by the ACT remained strong, forcing a held ball and several turnovers to remove the ball from the Northern Territory’s attacking third.

A goal from Murphy after the buzzer from a free shot saw the Northern Territory trail 17-4 at the half-time break.

Both teams were in position early, eager to start the second half in which the ACT returned with almost a different side.

Although making five substitutions to its team at half-time, the ACT didn’t change their goal shooters with Alison Miller and Leila Basic continuing to convert when the ball entered the goal circle.

At the other end of the court, Northern Territory shooters Georgia Clark and Savanah Tiller were also successful, shooting five goals in the third quarter, more than their team’s first half total.

The Northern Territory’s last quarter was much improved again, as the efficiency of its passes increased.

The ACT continued to play well in the final quarter. Miller and Basic barely missed their shots, with the quick delivery of the ball to the circle from the ACT’s midcourt players being a key factor in its win.

ACT shooting stats

Alison Miller 19/22 (86%)
Megan Sokic 11/11 (100%)
Leila Basic 6/8 (75%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Georgia Clark 6/7 (86%)
Savanah Tiller 5/10 (50%)
Franjesca Cercarelli 4/6 (67%)
Courtney Murphy 0/1 (0%)
Gabrielle Borchers 0/2 (0%)


19/U, DAY 2



New South Wales bounced back from last night’s defeat against South Australia to stay in semi-final contention after beating Tasmania by 16 goals to open round 3.

Just three goals separated the two states at half-time as Tasmania capitalised on NSW errors.

But a series of substitutions in the second half from NSW allowed it the fresher legs to extend the half time lead by 13 goals.

NSW goal defence Toni Anderson was instrumental in her side’s win, giving them a nice score buffer with three intercepts and a block in the opening five minutes.

Anderson was one of the best players on court before making way for Zoe Gilbert in the closing stages with an ankle issue.

Gilbert also featured prominently for NSW, spending the first half at wing defence before being rested.

The Sky Blues goal shooter Natalie Eldridge was also on song, providing a good supply of goals as well as creating second chances with solid rebounds when required.

Tasmania’s captain Georgie Briggs yet again made the most of her opportunities at goal shooter while Victoria Honner worked hard at goal defence.

NSW shooting stats

Natalie Eldrige 20/21 (95%)
Lauren Yager 16/23 (70%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Georgie Briggs 14/22 (64%)
Kate Archer 6/7 (86%)
Stephanie Weichelt 0/1 (0%)




3NC_1828Victoria remains undefeated after the first three rounds of the national netball championships after defeating Western Australia by 14 goals to open its day 2 campaign.

The Victorians applied high pressure from the outset of the match, as WA contested fiercely with a place in the top four at stake.

But WA had no answer for the combination of Molly Jovic and Emily Ryde-Coad in the first half, with Jovic continuously feeding her goal shooter deep in the circle to give their team a 12-goal half-time lead.

The performance continues an impressive run of form for Ryde-Coad so far in the tournament, as she has accumulated 59 goals in Victoria’s first three matches.

WA swung back its own goal shooting star Annika Lee-Jones in the third quarter in an attempt to nullify the impact of Ryde-Coad, but it was of little impact as they failed to reduce the deficit.

The Vic’s also received a stellar performance in goal defence from Georgette Paatsch, who provided a level head in the defensive third.

Captain Paige Doy provided WA with some great grit in goal and wing attack across three quarters of playing time.

Victoria shooting stats

Emily Ryde-Coad 25/30 (83%)
Andrea Tai 10/13 (77%)
Ashlee Porter 4/4 (100%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Kimberley Shepherd 10/13 (77%)
Annika Lee-Jones 9/10 (90%)
Georgia Pitt 4/6 (67%)
Paige Doy 2/5 (40%)




3NC_1920South Australia has kept its undefeated record in tact after beating the winless Northern Territory by 20 goals.

The win places SA alongside Victoria as the current front-runners in the race for this year’s title.

It was a comfortable win for the highly touted South Australians, extending itsr margin by over four goals in every quarter.

Despite this, the Northern Territory showed signs of improvement across the board, suggesting its maiden win of the tournament could be just around the corner.

Megan Crawford was influential at goal attack for NT, providing a constant option for her team in the front third.

Maddy Balson was also a shining light for NT, providing resistance in a defensive unit continually under fire.

Kelsey Williams was prolific for the victors, piling on 29 goals in her four quarters at goal shooter.

Bec Moyne and Stacey Hein were also standouts for SA, leading their teammates on the court in their shared time at the centre position.

SA faces Queensland later tonight in a replay of last year’s Grand Final.

South Australia shooting stats

Kelsey Williams 29/36 (81%)
Taylor Greig 7/8 (88%)
Ashleigh Jones 5/6 (83%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Megan Crawford 10/12 (83%)
Sam Gooden 8/10 (83%)
Ashlee Singleton 3/9 (33%)




Queensland have sent out a warning to the competition ahead of their highly anticipated clash against South Australia tonight, drubbing the Northern Territory by 23 goals.

The whole side looked focused from the first centre break of the game, with Josephine Hungerford linking up with Cara Koenan to put their team on the scoreboard within seconds.

Queensland executed the basics to perfection for much of the first half, building an unsurmountable 25-goal lead at the  half-time break.

ACT tried its utmost to work a way back into the game, highlighted by a big clash of bodies between Queensland wing defence Kristen Oxenford and ACT goal attack Sophie Immomen.

But it was too little too late as both sides activated a number of substitutions at the half with the result beyond doubt.

The leading scorer for the championships Cara Koenan was dominant at goal shooter in the first half, scoring 25 goals before making way for Bianca Cuttelini.

Jemma Mi Mi was also noteworthy in limited game time at goal defence.

Queensland shooting stats

Cara Koenan 25/31 (81%)
Ruby Paton 15/20 (75%)
Bianca Cattelini 7/11 (64%)

ACT shooting stats

Victoria Schmahl 10/12 (83%)
Molly Dickson 3/5 (60%)
Sophie Immomen 1/2 (50%)




Western Australia has defeated Tasmania by 14 goals in the first game of Round Four at the national championships in Melbourne.

Tasmania started strongly, courtesy of goal shooter Ashlea Mawer but strong full court defensive pressure from Western Australia allowed them to push ahead to create a four-goal buffer and lead 8-4 at quarter time.

While the lead for the West Australians continue to build, Tasmania were relentless in their attempts to remain competitive.

For the West, the defensive trio of wing defence Rebecca Nitschke, goal keeper Hinemoa Mehau and goal defence Marlee Matau stood out with their creative play and ensuring their team could move the ball quickly down court to score.

Ashlea Mawer and goal attack Georgie Briggs benefited from accurate feeding from their Tasmania teammates throughout the quarter, but trailed 18-14 at the main break

It was all WA in the third quarter as they took its game to another level that featured strong defensive play, accurate shooting circle feeding and relentless pressure.

Tasmania continued to keep contesting and worked hard to restrict WA’s impact across court. It was WA the led 27-18 at the final break.

In a closely contested final quarter, both teams continued to be creative across the court and create scoring opportunities.

While WA were dominant on the scoreboard, Tasmania didn’t give up and kept pushing until the final whistle.
Western Australia shooting stats

Georgia Pitt 27/29 (93%)
Paige Doy 6/7 (86%)
Kimberley Shepherd 5/6 (83%)
Tasmania shooting stats

Ashlea Mawer 12/13 (92%)
Georgie Briggs 5/10 (50%)
Kate Archer 4/8 (50%)
Stephanie Weichelt 3/4 (75%)




Host state Victoria has defeated New South Wales by 12 goals to continue its unbeaten run at the national championships in Melbourne.

In an enthralling first quarter, it was New South Wales that scored first and were able to maintain scoreboard pressure. The Victorians worked its way into the game thanks to goal shooter Emma Ryde-Coad and goal attack Anrea Tai, who both made the most of creative feeding and general player from their midcourters.

Scores were tied at 7-all at quarter time.

But after the break it was Victoria who took ownership of the match. While NSW continued to show fight and determination, they were unable to restrict Victoria’s midcourt dominance led by centre Molly Jovic and wing attack Lara Dunkley.

Victoria led 19-10 at the main break and were again on top as the third quarter wore on, but three late goals from NSW set up for what would be an exciting quarter, despite the Vics leading 28-15 at the final break.

The lead for Victoria had ballooned out to 13 goals and coach Nicole Richardson opted to make wholesale changes across the court.

Despite the changes, Victoria’s dominance which was there for the first three quarters was non existent as NSW won the final term 5-4.

Victoria shooting stats
Emma Ryde-Coad 14/16 (88%)
Andrea Tai 14/19 (84%)
Katharine Dicker 4/5 (80%)

New South Wales shooting stats

Olivia Doyle  17/22 (77%)
Lauren Yager 4/7 (57%)
Natalie Eldridge 2/3 (67%)




The ACT has scored its first win of this year’s national championships in a thrilling contest against the Northern Territory.

Northern Territory goal shooter Samantha Gooden was an early star for her side as she scored three unanswered goals to open the match.

The first quarter ebbed and flowed with neither team able to really assert their dominance. A late goal from NT tied the scores at 7-all at quarter-time.

It became a shootout in the second quarter as both teams went goal for goal and, coupled with plenty of scrapping for ball, it made for interesting viewing.

Gooden was again on the end of pinpoint feeding into the shooting circle and helped NT to a 16-13 half-time lead.

The third quarter was a carbon copy of the first half as both teams matched each other with scoreboard pressure and relentless pressure on court.

Accurate passing and fast court movement were on display everywhere, but it a last minute goal from NT goal attack Megan Craufurd pushed her team ahead 23-22 at the final break.

In what was a thrilling final quarter, it came down to a final minute intercept from ACT goal keeper Shahana Plenty that helped her team to a win.

ACT Shooting Stats

Molly Dickson 13/19 (68%)
Sophie Immonon 12/13 (92%)
Victoria Schmahl 6/7 (86%)

NT Shooting Stats

Samantha Gooden 20/25 (80%)
Megan Craufurd 10/13 (77%)




Queensland has turned the tables on last year’s champions South Australia in the Grand Final rematch to wrap up Round 4 of the national championships.

Queensland stormed out of the blocks, scoring eight goals with goal shooter Cara Koenan the spearhead as she dominated under the ring and withstood numerous attempts from SA’s defenders to curb her impact.

Despite their early dominance, SA was able to stem the flow of goals but still trail 9-6 at quarter time.

Just like the opening stanza, it was Queensland who controlled proceedings early as Koenan again shot with pinpoint accuracy.

Centre Mahalia Cassidy controlled the midcourt for Queensland and helped set up some amazing passages of shooting in the circle for her shooters, but SA’s resilience shorn through as they again pegged it back. Queensland led 14-13 at half-time.

The third quarter was certainly very evenly matched, as both teams displayed good patches of play. SA continued to chip away at Queensland, even if it didn’t show on the scoreboard as they trailed 22-17 at the final break.

All the good work that SA had done came undone as Queensland dominated in attack and built on that as the final quarter wore on. This was despite some great work in patches from SA across the court.

Queensland shooting stats

Cara Koenen 28/31 (90%)
Bianca Catalini 3/7 (43%)

South Australia shooting stats

Rebecca Winch 13/17 (76%)
Taylor Greig 11/17 (65%)
Kelsey Williams 0/1 (0%)

Photos: Courtesy of Brian Munro, Sport-in-digital.