17/U and 19/U National Championships Day 4 Match Reports

The 17/U and 19/U National Championships are underway at Netball Central in Sydney. Here’s the wrap of Day 4 action in both age groups.

Images courtesy of Murray Wilkinson Photography.

17/U Match Reports Netball Nationals

South Australia v Tasmania

By Claire Macuz

In a display of missed opportunities, South Australia has defeated Tasmania 39-20 in an intensity driven match.

SA came out firing despite the scoreboard sitting at a solemn 3-1, causing position changes for both teams at the first break.

SA goal attack Adele Demasi moved into wing attack, proving to be an exceptional asset through the mid court with eight score assists and deliveries into the goalers.

Mary Wilson replaced Demasi in the goals for SA, scoring an incredible 18 goals in the remaining three quarters.

A high pressure and hands-over zone defense was employed by SA on multiple occasions, forcing Tasmania to lose control of the corridor and pass across channels.

The second half seemed to be clinical for SA, with Wilson scoring three goals in three minutes to increase SA’s lead to 6 by halfway through the third quarter.

A solid performance from Tasmania’s goal attack Renee Terry continued her well-rounded efforts for the Championships, scoring 13 goals from 17 attempts for the match.

The win for SA taking them eight points in total, making them serious finals contenders for the Championships.

South Australia 39 defeated Tasmania 20

South Australia shooting stats

Mary Wilson 18/26 (70%)

Adele Demasi 0/3 (0%)

Sasha Glasgow 15/22 (69%)

Tarnie Shinnick 6/9 (67%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Renee Terry 13/16 (82%)

Hollie Moore 1/1 (100%)

Jordyn Becker 6/8 (75%)

Netball NationalsQueensland v Northern Territory

By Maddison Reynolds

Queensland have continued their winning streak with a comfortable win over the Northern Territory.

Danielle Taylor and Kimberley Jenner defended the mid-court in spectacular fashion and secured QLD crucial early turnovers.

The NT shooters showed maturity, remaining both smart and balanced in their game despite the opposing pressure.

Sophie Gaynor and Courtney Murphy were without fault shooting at 100 percent for the first quarter and Courtney Summers made quite a display with two long shots firing up the Northern Territory crowd in the third quarter.

Despite Queensland’s impressive defence, the NT remained persistent and were rewarded with crucial turnovers from Gabrielle Coffey and Isabella Macdonald.

It was in the Queensland circle however where the dominance of Rylie Holland and Clare Frost was revealed.

Frost’s towering height and steady hold accompanied by Holland’s precision provided a secure shooting end for Queensland that was too much for the NT side, leading them to a steady victory.

Queensland 53 defeated Northern Territory 11

Queensland shooting stats

Claire Frost 31/46 (68%)

Rylie Holland 13/14 (93%)

Binnian Hunt 9/11 (82%)


Northern Territory shooting stats

Sophie Gaynor 4/5 (80%)

Courtney Murphy 5/8 (63%)

Courtney Summers 2/6 (34%)


New South Wales v Australian Capital Territory

By Felicity Ryan

New South Wales came out hungry after its draw with Queensland yesterday, gaining a confident 33-15 victory over Australian Capital Territory today.

ACT were energetic early, with a loud crowd behind them all the way. They were able to keep the score even for the first six minutes of the match before NSW broke away following a show-stopping intercept from NSW goal keeper Teigan O’Shannassy.

O’Shannassy remained an integral part of the first half for NSW, coming out of the circle to make intercepts and applying relentless pressure. It was this defensive pressure, combined with superb communication and shooting accuracy that saw NSW in the lead for the rest of the game.

The communication between NSW goal shooter, Tamara Black and wing attack Tayla Fraser proved too good for the ACT’s defensive side who, despite every effort, simply could not stop NSW goal tally throughout the first half, leading NSW to a 15-8 lead at half time.

The second half saw some fresh legs on the court for both teams, however it was NSW who shone, winning the third quarter 12-1 putting them in a comfortable lead. ACT fought hard to the end, with intercepts by ACT’s wing defense, Grace Hill and goal defense, Annabelle Marshall reigniting the team’s spirit, to make the fourth quarter six-all, but it was not enough to defeat the tough NSW side today.

Netball NationalsNew South Wales 33 defeated ACT 15

NSW shooting stats

Tamara Black 17/23 (74%)

Ricki McCray 6/8 (75%)

Laura Towell 9/10 (90%)

Veronika Jukic 1/2 (50%)

ACT shooting stats

Jacoba Clough 12/13 (93%)

Alexandra Sengelman 2/5 (40%)

Nalanie Makunde 1/3 (33%)

Madison Robinson 0/1 (0%)

Victoria v Western Australia

By Felicity Ryan

After an incredibly close game of four intense quarters, Western Australia emerged with a four point victory over Victoria. Both sides fought the entire game in front of an electric crowd, who were enthusiastically chanting, clapping and cheering on their respective sides at every goal and every turnover.

WA gained an early lead of in the first five minutes of the match, but VIC fought back to win the first quarter 9-7, a two-point lead they maintained up until the final quarter. The Victorian shooting combination of Tahnysha Salanoa and Rahni Samason were unstoppable early on, demonstrating an air of confidence that was no doubt reassuring to their teammates.

The match up between VIC goal defense Matilda Garrett and WA goal attack, Morgan Millar was exciting to watch, with Millar’s confidence to shoot from long distance, and Garrett’s ‘never-give-up’ attitude earning her some spectacular deflections, rebounds and intercepts.

Victoria’s tight defense on every WA pass led to many held balls for WA giving Victoria repeated opportunities to score. WA’s goal keeper Olivia Lewis kept the intercepts coming, making it increasingly difficult for the Victorian shooters to convert.

The half-time introduction of Rose Aryang into goal shooter for WA, saw a positive change in WA’s feeds into the circle, as Aryang claimed her ground to receive plenty of ball underneath the post.

WA’s relentless defense finally paid off in the final quarter, when all players came out hungry for the ball at every opportunity. WA scored the first three goals of the quarter to take them into the lead before running on adrenaline and the support of their sideline spurring them ahead to an exuberant four-goal victory at the final whistle.

Western Australia 26 defeated Victoria 22

Western Australia shooting stats

Amber Clemesha 6/11 (55%)

Morgan Millar 13/17 (77%)

Rose Aryang 7/10 (70%)


Victoria shooting stats

Rahni Samason 13/16 (82%)

Tahnysha Salanoa 7/9 (78%)

Bridget O’Halloran 2/3 (67%)


19/U Match Reports

Netball NationalsSouth Australia v Northern Territory

By Rachel Kitching

South Australia ensured their way to the title after an impressive 41-23 win over Northern Territory.

SA goal shooter Asha Thurlow was captivating throughout the game as she scored 24 goals, 8 of these goals in the first quarter.

The first quarter between SA and NT was a blazing start with SA dominating 9-5. SA couldn’t be stopped with centre Hannah Petty moving swiftly across the court to guarantee a lead into the second quarter.

SA continued their lead to an extraordinary 22-6 at the half time break. With less than 3 minutes to go NT called for injury time. NT coach Gillian Lee huddled the team together giving words of encouragement to get the momentum back.

The interaction between NT wing attacker Bethany Fry and goal shooter Tasha Dack was electric. Pass-backs and swift movements gave the team enough momentum to add 9 more goals.

SA shooters Thurlow Sarro just couldn’t be stopped in the third quarter, with a remarkable 14 goals between them.

Fantastic ball movements between NT in the third quarter gave them the opportunity for more goals however SA defence proved too strong. SA defenders Laura Scriven and Lucy Armfield helped save an incredible ten goals.

All in all the combination of great team work and the accurate positions that SA coach Kim Hocking gave led the girls a brilliant 18 goal win over the NT.

South Australia 41 defeated Northern Territory 23

South Australia shooting stats

Stephanie Sarro 8/13 (62%)

Asha Thurlow 25/29 (87%)

Charlee Hodges 4/5 (90%)

Kelsey Williams 4/6 (67%)


Northern Territory shooting stats

Tasha Dack  10/16 (63%)

Rebecca Winch 9/10 (90%)

Lauren Yager 4/5 (80%)
Western Australia v Australian Capital Territory

By Claire Macuz

In a thrilling end to a match that would keep the winner in touch with the top four, Western Australia came out on top to beat the Australian Capital Territory 37-30.

WA’s Alexandra Morgan scored an astounding 26 goals for her state, securing many of them from a holding position to take the pass over the top of her defenders.

ACT began strong in the first few minutes through powerhouse centre court combination Breanna Toze and Carly Symons, scoring their first goal in just a short seven seconds.

Quick delivery of the ball into both state’s goalers became the most efficient way to score, and caused each set of defenders to double team the goal shooter just shy of half time.

Hinemoa Mehau relished in the freedom to pick off long passes, adding to WA’s six intercepts for the match.

Pinpoint long passing from ACT’s goal defence Maddie McCartie was crucial for ACT’s momentum going into the final quarter.

WA’s goal attack Sophie Garbin was cool, calm and collected under pressure and provided a steadying eye in the last, shooting two critical goals from intercepts.

The win for WA ensures they finish in the top four, taking critical momentum and confidence into the finals.

Western Australia 37 defeated ACT 30

Western Australia shooting stats

Alexandra Morgan 25/33 (76%)

Kimberley Shepherd 7/8 (88%)

Sophie Garbin 5/7 (72%)


ACT shooting stats

Alison Miller 24/28 (86%)

Molly Dickson 2/4 (50%)

Sophie Immonen 4/6 (67%)


New South Wales v Queensland

By Maddison Reynolds

Victory has been secured by New South Wales in an epic State of Origin show-down. The match was a battle of coaching and strategy from both sides, with the second ranked NSW side bringing skill and speed from the first whistle.

Toni Anderson, Amy Parmenter and Cassandra Radford pressured the Queensland side with their intensity and pace, leading the opposition to concede early centre passes.

The NSW side treated the crowd to a full court zone, forcing Queensland to turn over in dramatic fashion.

The ‘Ole New South Wales’ chant that echoed through Netball Central from the NSW crowd was quickly made quiet by a dominant Queensland side in the second quarter.

QLD’s strategy of a slow and controlled gameplay upset the opposition and allowed them to make use of Abigail Latu-Meafou’s premier positioning and range in the goal circle.

QLD goal keeper Mia Henderson reinforced this control, using her agility and height to secure crucial turnovers for her team.

QLD were however challenged in the third quarter by a fresh NSW side. Kiera Austin and Emily Moore were steady for NSW in the goal circle, providing their team with precision and assurance in the face of fiery QLD defence.

Neither team had time to become comfortable as possession changed often and quickly. It was NSW side’s steady defence and quick attacking plays however that secured them safe goals and ultimately their win.

New South Wales 36 defeated Queensland 27

Queensland shooting stats:

Abigail Latu-Meafou 14/15 (94%)

Georgie Briggs 10/13 (77%)

Emma Cook 3/4 (75%)


New South Wales shooting stats

Cristy Linaker 12/17, 71%

Kiera Austin 17/20, 85%

Emily Moore 7/9, 78%


Victoria v Tasmania

By Rachel KitchingNetball Nationals

Victoria displayed impressive skills in today’s defeat against Tasmania 38-16. With swift movements against the court and fantastic intercepts Victoria proved unstoppable.

The first quarter started with Tasmania quickly gaining possession however the tables turned when Victoria’s goal defender Victoria Honner huge intercepts that proved costly for the Tasmanian team. This gave Victoria the ample opportunity to gain goals on the board and resulted in them leading 11-1.

However Tasmania roared back in the second quarter with nice movements across the court. Each team had equal possession and amazing defence to secure goals to the scoreboard.

Great pass packs from Victoria’s goal attacker Samantha Gooden and centre Emily Browne added a fantastic goal. However Tasmania still kept the pressure up with great dummies to secure six more goals. Victoria still led 22-7 half time.

In the third quarter another unbelievable intercept by Victoria’s goal defender Honner game crashing down when a collision caused the Umpire to call injury time.

Tasmania’s incredible work from goal keeper Grace van Noord and Nikki Miller saved a number of goals but nothing could stop Victoria’s Mandy Hanegraaf having a whimsical run with 5 goals out of 5 attempts.

In the fourth quarter enormous pressure from Victoria’s goal keeper Julia Smith proved lethal for the Tasmanian team giving Victoria a win by 22 goals.

Victoria 38 defeated Tasmania 16

Victoria shooting stats

Mandy Hanegraaf 22/26 (85%)

Samantha Gooden 16/21 (77%)


Tasmania shooting stats

Natalie Elridge 7/13 (54%)

Hannah Lee 4/7 (58%)

Deanna Wadley 5/6 (84%)

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