17/U and 19/U National Championships Day 3 Wraps

Netball NationalsThe 17/U and 19/U National Championships are underway at Netball Central in Sydney. Here’s the wrap of Day 3 action in both age groups from AIMEE DAWSON.

Images courtesy of Murray Wilkinson Photography.


Queensland tops the ladder for the 17/U National Championship with five wins and a draw heading into Friday’s final round of round robin.

Day three kicked off between Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

Queensland had a stellar first quarter, scoring 13 goals with Rylie Holland scoring 12 of those on her way to 24 goals for the match.

Queensland’s defence of Tara Hinchliffe, Kimberley Jenner, Annabella Sorby and Danielle Taylor were also on song, keeping ACT to just 18 goal attempts for the entire match.

The match ended with Queensland defeating the ACT 42–15.

New South Wales were also big winners on day three, winning over Northern Territory 45–11.

Demi Evans, Kirra Jones and Teigan O’Shannassy were dominant in defence for the Sky Blues.

Victoria were quick out of the blocks, scoring 13 goals to Tasmania’s two in the first quarter in their round five game.

Victoria continued this pattern, scoring 13, nine, 12 and 12 goals in each quarter.

Rhani Samason was outstanding in the match, missing just one goal to score 30 goals from 31 attempts for the game.

Victoria won 46–20.

A big fourth quarter effort by South Australia finished the round five action, with a 33–24 win over Western Australia.

The two teams were tied after the first quarter and just two goals separated them at half-time.

An 11-goal fourth quarter for SA saw them finish with the win.

The second round for the day included a thrilling draw between Queensland and NSW.

After a slow start, Queensland were able to regain NSW’s three-goal lead to draw level in the final quarter 28-all.

ACT also overcame a close game, defeating NT 24–21.

Despite scores being level at the half-time break and only one goal the difference at three-quarter time, ACT were able to pull-away with a three-goal win.

WA were 10 goal winners over Tasmania, winning 29–19.

A close first half were blown apart in the second half, with a dominant final half by WA giving them a 10-goal lead.

The final game of the day was played between Victoria and South Australia.

Despite Victoria being three goals behind in the first quarter and one goal down at half-time, a huge third quarter saw them take the lead at three-quarter time 23-14.

Victorian goal shooter Danielle Phillips shot 10 goals for the quarter and didn’t miss a shot.

Victoria’s defence was also on fire, with Matilda Garrett and Brooke Allan keeping SA to just three goals for the quarter.

Victoria were triumphant, 31–17.

The final rounds before finals will be played tomorrow.


Queensland 42 defeated ACT 15

Queensland Shooting

Rylie Holland 24/27 (89%)

Claire Frost 10/11 (91%)

Alexia Baker 5/6 (84%)

Binnian Hunt 3/6 (50%)


ACT Shooting

Nalani Makunde 6/6 (100%)

Madison Robinson 4/7 (58%)

Alexandre Sengelman 3/3 (100%)

Jacoba Clough 2/2 (100%)


New South Wales 45 defeated Northern Territory 11

NSW Shooting

Ricki Mccray 23/30 (77%)

Laura Towell 10/15 (67%)

Tamara Black 8/15 (54%)

Veronika Jukic 4/7 (58%)


NT Shooting

Courtney Summers 4/4 (100%)

Courtney Murphy 4/8 (50%)

Sophie Gaynor 2/3 (67%)

Franjesca Cercarelli 1/2 (50%)


Victoria 46 defeated Tasmania 20

Victoria Shooting

Rahni Samason 30/31 (97%)

Tahnysha Salanoa 10/13 (77%)

Bridget O’Halloran 6/7 (86%)


Tasmania Shooting

Renee Terry 11/5 (74%)

Elise Barwick 4/4 (100%)

Natasha Shirley 4/8 (50%)

Jordyn Becker 1/1 (100%)


Queensland 28 drew with New South Wales 28

Queensland Shooting

Alexia Baker 14/19 (74%)

Binnian Hunt 14/23 (61%)


NSW Shooting

Veronika Jukic 18/24 (75%)

Laura Towell 10/11 (91%)


ACT 24 defeated Northern Territory 21

ACT Shooting

Jacoba Clough 20/24 (84%)

Madison Robinson 2/4 (50%)

Nalani Makunde 1/3 (34%)

Alexandra Sengelman 1/3 (34%)


NT Shooting

Courtney Murphy 12/16 (75%)

Franjesca Cercarelli 9/9 (100%)


Western Australia 29 defeated Tasmania 19

WA Shooting

Rose Aryang 13/15 (87%)

Jessica Meachim 13/15 (87%)

Morgan Miller 3/3 (100%)


Tasmania Shooting

Renee Terry 12/15 (80%)

Natasha Shirley 4/11 (37%)

Hollie Moore 3/3 (100%)


Victoria 31 defeated South Australia 17

Victoria Shooting

Danielle Phillips 18/27 (67%)

Rahni Samason 12/14 (86%)

Bridget O’Halloran 1/3 (34%)


SA Shooting

Tarnie Shinnick 10/15 (67%)

Mary Wilson 7/14 (50%)

Netball Nationals


Victoria continued its unbeaten record at this year’s tournament at the end of day three.

In round five, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales were the victors.

WA’s midcourters Jessica Anstiss, Emily Smith and Brittany Turnbull provided a flowing stream of ball for their shooters to maximise, having 45-goal attempts for the game.

Tasmania managed to stay with WA for the first quarter, with just one goal separating the two teams at quarter-time, however WA drew away in the second quarter to eventually win 37–20.

Victoria and Australian Capital Territory battled it out in the second game of the round, however Victoria were the winners, scoring 44 goals to ACT’s 20.

Queensland and Northern Territory battled it out, and despite NT leading at half-time, Queensland were able to pull away with the win 41–27.

The first half of the match was close, with Queensland leading by two at the first break, and NT leading by two at the main break.

Queensland’s 13-goal third quarter saw them obtain a crucial lead that they were able to maintain till the end of the match.

NSW’s amazing defensive effort by Cassandra Radford and Ashley Valeni in the first quarter of their match against South Australia was crucial to their team’s 12-goal victory.

Radford and Valeni kept the SA team to just two goals for the opening quarter of the match, setting NSW up for the lead, which they maintained for the entire match.

NSW recorded its third win for the championship 32–20.

The final round of the day began with WA and Victoria.

WA led for the first quarter however by half-time the scores were tied 18-all.

Victoria came out of the blocks strong in the third-quarter to win 39–28.

Emma Ryde was again dominant in shooting, scoring 28 goals from 29 attempts.

ACT were four-goal winners over Tasmania, 30–26.

Natalie Eldridge was a star for Tasmania, scoring 21 of Tasmania’s 26 goals.

Alison Miller also shot well, scoring 24 goals from 15 attempts.

NSW were big winners over NT, winning 40–17.

NSW lead the whole match, and a massive 16-goal final quarter saw them to a massive lead.

The final game of the round was between SA and Queensland.

A stellar second-quarter from SA saw them to the win.

In the second quarter SA scored 13 goals and defenders Amelia Basedow and Sarah Raper kept Queensland scoreless.

The final round will be played tomorrow, with the chance to make the finals on the line.


Western Australia 37 defeated Tasmania 20

WA Shooting

Sophie Garbin 22/25 (88%)

Alexandra Morgan 8/10 (80%)

Kimberley Shepherd 7/10 (70%)


Tasmania Shooting

Natalie Eldridge 12/17 (71%)

Hannah Lee 5/8 (63%)

Deanna Wadley 3/3 (100%)


Victoria 44 defeated ACT 20

Victoria Shooting

Mandy Hanegraaf 21/28 (75%)

Emma Ryde 16/17 (95%)

Samatha Gooden 7/10 (70%)


ACT Shooting

Molly Dickson 10/14 (72%)

Brittney Reynolds 6/7 (86%)

Alison Miller 4/4 (100%)


New South Wales 32 defeated South Australia 20

NSW Shooting

Cristina Linaker 21/27 (78%)

Kiera Austin 10/14 (72%)

Emily Moore 1/2 (50%)


SA Shooting

Stephanie Sarro 9/13 (70%)

Charlee Hodges 8/13 (62%)

Kelsey Williams 3/3 (100%)


Victoria 39 defeated Western Australia 28

Victoria Shooting

Emma Ryde 28/29 (97%)

Zanna Woods 11/15 (74%)


WA Shooting

Sophie Garbin 16/20 (80%)

Kimberley Shepherd 12/16 (75%)


ACT 30 defeated Tasmania 26

ACT Shooting

Alison Miller 24/25 (96%)

Sophie Immonen 4/6 (67%)

Brittney Reynolds 2/4 (50%)


Tasmania Shooting

Natalie Eldridge 21/29 (73%)

Deanna Wadley 5/7 (73%)


New South Wales 40 defeated Northern Territory 17

NSW Shooting

Teegan Ryan 21/29 (73%)

Kiera Austin 10/11 (91%)

Emily Moore 9/10 (90%)


NT Shooting

Tasha Dack 10/13 (77%)

Rebecca Winch 5/5 (100%)

Lauren Yager 2/4 (50%)


South Australia 35 defeated Queensland 19

SA Shooting

Kelsey Williams 13/18 (73%)

Asha Thurlow 12/15 (80%)

Charlee Hodges 9/13 (70%)

Stephanie Sarro 1/5 (20%)


Queensland Shooting

Cara Koene 9/12 (75%)

Emma Cook 7/7 (100%)

Georgie Briggs 2/4 (50%)

Abigail Meafou 1/1 (100%)