17/U and 19/U National Championships Day 2 wraps

The 17/U and 19/U National Championships are underway at Netball Central in Sydney. Here’s the wrap of Day 2 action in both age groups from AIMEE DAWSON.

Images courtesy of Murray Wilkinson Photography.


Netball NationalsDay two of the 17/U championship has drawn to a close, and Queensland tops the ladder.

Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales were the big winners of the round three action at the beginning of the day.

Goal shooter Rylie Holland was on fire for Queensland in their 18-goal win over Western Australia.

Holland shot 27 goals from 33 attempts for the match and was instrumental in Queensland’s win, and a full-court defensive effort kept WA to 28 goal attempts for the game.

South Australia also recorded a win, defeating Australian Capital Territory 34–25.

SA’s defence provided a wealth of opportunities for their shooters, having 52 goals attempts for the match.

Victoria also notched up a big win over Northern Territory, 44–14.

Victoria made almost no mistakes in their shooting circle, shooting at 90 per cent and missing only five goals for the entire match.

The final game of round three was between Tasmania and New South Wales.

NSW midcourters Tayla Fraser, Lili Gorman-Brown and Te-Arn Bradley were able to provide their shooters with lots of opportunities in their teams 31–18 goal win.

WA, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania were the winners of the second session of the day.

WA’s nine-goal win over ACT was largely due to the defence of Zoe Fisher, Lily Jooste and Olivia Lewis, who provided the attackers with a wealth of opportunities to score.

Queensland were too strong for SA, with a big second quarter setting them up for the rest of the game.

Victorian shooter Danielle Phillips was a stand-out in her team’s 34–18 goal win over rivals NSW.

Phillips shot 22 goals and missed just one attempt for the match, shooting at 96 per cent.

The final game of the round was close all the way through.

Tasmania lead NT by one goal at the end of the first quarter and two at half-time, however the scores were level by three-quarter time.

Tasmania managed to maintain a lead throughout the last quarter to come away with a two-goal win, 23–21.

Queensland 37 defeated Western Australia 19

Queensland Shooting

Rylie Holland 27/33 (82%)

Alexia Baker 5/6 (84%)

Binnian Hunt 3/7 (43%)

Claire Frost 2/3 (67%)


WA Shooting

Morgan Millar 9/13 (70%)

Rose Aryang 6/9 (67%)

Amber Clemsha 4/6 (67%)


South Australia 34 defeated ACT 25

SA Shooting

Tarnie Shinnick 20/28 (72%)

Mary Wilson 8/12 (67%)

Adele Demasi 6/12 (50%)


ACT Shooting

Jacoba Clough 8/10 (80%)

Nalani Makunde 7/8 (88%)

Madison Robinson 7/7 (100%)

Alexandra Sengelman 3/4 (75%)

Netball Nationals

Victoria 44 defeated NT 14

Victoria Shooting

Rahni Samason 21/23 (92%)

Danielle Phillips 15/17 (89%)

Bridget O’Halloran 5/6 (84%)

Tahnysha Salanoa 3/3 (100%)


NT Shooting

Franjesca Cercarelli 6/9 (67%)

Sophie Gaynor 5/8 (63%)

Courtney Summers 3/4 (75%)


New South Wales 31 defeated Tasmania 18

NSW Shooting

Tamara Black 15/21 (72%)

Ricki McCray 12/14 (86%)

Veronika Jukic 4/5 (80%)


Tasmania Shooting

Jordyn Becker 6/9 (67%)

Natasha Shirley 6/9 (67%)

Renee Terry 3/4 (75%)

Hollie Moore 3/6 (50%)


Western Australia 35 defeated ACT 26

WA Shooting

Morgan Miller 13/17 (77%)

Amber Clemsha 11/13 (85%)

Helen Taylor 6/6 (100%)

Jessica Meachim 5/5 (100%)


ACT Shooting

Nalani Makunde 15/17 (89%)

Jacoba Clough 9/9 (100%)

Madison Robinson 2/2 (100%)


Queensland 29 defeated South Australia 24

Queensland Shooting

Binnian Hunt 14/19 (74%)

Rylie Holland 9/13 (70%)

Alexia Baker 6/9 (67%)


SA Shooting

Sasha Glasgow 17/22 (78%)

Mary Wilson 4/7 (58%)

Tarnie Shinnick 3/4 (75%)


Victoria 34 defeated New South Wales 18

Victoria Shooting

Danielle Phillips 22/23 (96%)

Bridget O’Halloran 6/6 (100%)

Rahni Samason 6/9 (67%)


NSW Shooting

Laura Towell 10/12 (84%)

Veronika Jukic 6/11 (55%)

Tamara Black 2/4 (50%)


Tasmania 23 defeated NT 21

Tasmania Shooting

Hollie Moore 13/15 (87%)

Renee Terry 6/9 (67%)

Jordyn Becker 4/8 (50%)


NT Shooting

Courtney Murphy 12/21 (58%)

Franjesca Cercarelli 9/11 (82%)



Netball NationalsDay two action kicked off with a spectacular draw between New South Wales and Western Australia.

NSW lead for the first three-quarters of the match, with a lead of four goals at three-quarter time.

A fast finish from WA saw them get to one goal ahead before NSW’s Kiera Austin levelled the score with less than 20 seconds left in the game.

Stephanie Sarro was a key player in South Australia’s 21-goal win over Tasmania.

Sarro scored 27 of SA’s 44 goals, with Kelsey Williams and Asha Thurlow scoring the other 17.

Natalie Eldridge starred for Tasmania, scoring 15 goals from 18 attempts at 84 per cent.

Australian Capital Territory and Queensland went head-to-head, with Queensland just prevailing to win 37–31.

A slow third-quarter for ACT saw Queensland edge out to a nine goal lead, which ACT was unable to get back in the fourth quarter.

The final game of the round played between Victoria and Northern Territory.

Victoria’s defence of Victoria Honner, Jacqueline Newton and Julia Smith were pivotal in Victoria’s 30-goal win, keeping NT to just 22 attempts and providing their shooters with 61 attempts at goal.

­­­In the afternoon session, Tasmania, SA, ACT and Victoria were the winners.

NSW held off a strong Tasmanian team, winning by just nine goals 30–21.

The shooters of both teams, Kiera Austin for NSW and Natalie Eldridge for Tasmania starred in shooting, scoring 20 and 18 goals respectively.

SA was too strong for WA, recording a 17 goal win, 38–21; and ACT recorded a win over NT, with high-accuracy shooting helping them across the line.

In the final game of the day Victoria and Queensland went head-to-head in a replay of last year’s Grand Final.

A fast start from Victoria and a great defensive effort saw them finish the first with a six goal lead which they managed to extend to 13 by the final whistle, to win 37–24.

Victoria now sit at the top of the championship ladder, a win ahead of SA followed by WA and NSW who are tied on points due to today’s draw.

New South Wales 34 drew with Western Australia 34

NSW Scoring

Kiera Austin 24/27 (89%)

Emily Moore 10/13 (77%)


WA Shooting

Sophie Garbin 19/21 (91%)

Annika Lee-Jones 13/18 (73%)

Kimberley Shepherd 2/2 (100%)


South Australia 44 defeated Tasmania 23

SA Shooting

Stephanie Sarro 27/33 (82%)

Kelsey Williams 10/10 (100%)

Asha Thurlow 7/8 (88%)


Tasmania shooting

Natalie Eldridge 15/18 (84%)

Hannah Lee 7/10 (70%)

Natalie Ayesu 1/1 (100%)


Queensland 37 defeated ACT 31

Queensland Shooting

Emma Cook 23/35 (66%)

Cara Koenen 7/9 (78%)

Abigail Meafou 7/9 (78%)


ACT Shooting

Alison Miller 22/24 (92%)

Brittney Reynolds 5/7 (72%)

Sophie Immonen 4/5 (80%)


Netball NationalsVictoria 45 defeated NT 15

Victoria Shooting

Mandy Hanegraaf 27/38 (72%)

Samantha Gooden 10/13 (77%)

Zanna Woods 8/10 (80%)


NT Shooting

Lauren Yager 7/13 (54%)

Tasha Dack 5/6 (84%)

Rebecca Winch 3/3 (100%)


New South Wales 30 defeated Tasmania 21

NSW Shooting

Kiera Austin 20/25 (80%)

Emily Moore 6/9 (67%)

Teegan Ryan 4/6 (67%)


Tasmania Shooting

Natalie Eldridge 18/26 (70%)

Hannah Lee 2/3 (67%)

Deanna Wadley 1/2 (50%)


South Australia 38 defeated Western Australia 21

SA Shooting

Kelsey Williams 20/29 (69%)

Charlee Hodges 18/24 (75%)


WA Shooting

Sophie Garbin 7/11 (64%)

Annika Lee-Jones 5/6 (84%)

Kimberley Shepherd 5/7 (72%)

Alexandra Morgan 4/4 (100%)


ACT 37 defeated NT 31

ACT Shooting

Alison Miller 21/14 (88%)

Sophie Immonen 16/19 (85%)


NT Shooting

Lauren Yager 18/22 (82%)

Rebecca Winch 13/17 (77%)


Victoria 37 defeated Queensland 24

Victoria Shooting

Emma Ryde 33/34 (98%)

Zanna Woods 3/4 (75%)

Samantha Gooden 1/1 (100%)


Queensland Shooting

Abigail Meafou 11/15 (74%)

Cara Koenen 8/14 (58%)