17/U & 19/U Finals match reports

Stay up-to-date with all the action throughout the Finals day from the 17/U and 19/U national titles at the Waverley Netball Centre via the match reports from our team of game day reporters.



7th/8th PLAY-OFF



Tasmania has held off a determined Northern Territory side to win the Final for seventh and eighth to end its national championships campaign on a high.

The six-goal win was Tasmania’s second victory for the week, both coming against the NT.

Tasmania made a great start to the play-off for seventh and eighth, picking off some crucial intercepts early in the term allowing them to score the first three goals.

Northern Territory struggled to make use of the ball in its attack third.

A great shooting combination of Hannah Lee and Hollie Moore for Tasmania allowed it to take an 8-5 lead at quarter-time.

NT came out firing in the second term to level the game early in the quarter.

Tabatha Saville running hard and picking off intercepts for NT helped it to stick with Tasmania.

The quarter remained tight throughout with the scores level 15-all at half-time.

Tasmania started the second half with Shelby Miller moving into wing attack to allow Frances Di Carlo to take the centre bib.

The two teams traded goals for the first half of the quarter with both teams struggling to get in front.

In last minutes of the quarter Tasmania got their noses in front with the help of Dana Lester at wing defence running hard to extend Tasmania’s lead to five at the final break.

Both teams made changes with Hollie Moore and Hannah Lee swapping between the goal shooter and goal attack positions for Tasmania and NT bringing on Gabrielle Borchers at goal attack and Georgia Clark moved to goal shooter.

Kate Percy really helped Tasmania get over the line with great defensive rebounds at goal keeper.

Tasmania came through in the end to claim seventh position winning 33-27.

Tasmania shooting stats

Hannah Lee 20/28 (71%)
Hollie Moore 13/22 (59%)

Northern Territory shooting stats

Georgia Clark 14/19 (74%)
Savanah Tiller 7/11 (64%)
Gabrielle Borchers 6/7 (86%)


5th/6th PLAY-OFF



Western Australia claimed fifth position at the conclusion of the national championships after holding out the ACT in a close game.

Both teams traded goals for majority of the game with WA getting a break in the last quarter to see it finish the tournament with its fifth victory for the week._MCA7047Li

Western Australia made a great start to the play-off for fifth and sixth, scoring the first three goals.

Phoebe Wilcox for WA made great leads on the ring feeding their shooters Alexandra Morgan and Moeriana Bullen.

ACT’s defence picked up allowing it to gain back a few goals to shorten the margin.

Natalie Bright for WA showed great persistence in WA’s defence to hold its lead 8-4.

Georgia Rixon came into goal keeper for ACT while Alana Bowyer moved to wing defence.

ACT’s defensive pressure picked up, allowing it to level the game in the first half of the second quarter. With the help of great defensive pressure and Moeriana Bullen’s consistent shooting, WA were able to sneak in front to have a three-goal lead at half-time.

_MCA6994LiHannah Cadlolo came back on at goal keeper for WA while for ACT Carly Symons moved to centre to allow Georgia Winter to take the wing attack position.

Zoe Spencer worked hard at wing defence for WA while goal attack Leila Basic shot well to keep ACT in the game but WA had a two-goal advantage going into the last quarter.

The final term saw WA bring on Courtney Kruta at wing defence and a switch between Hannah Cadlolo and Natalie Bright at goal defence and goal keeper.

Phoebe Wilcox for WA continued to work hard picking off intercepts and running hard at centre.

With one minute remaining Courtney Kruta got the winning intercept allowing WA to take home a 33-28 victory.

Western Australia shooting stats

Alexandra Morgan 22/25 (88%)
Moeriana Bullen 11/13 (85%)

ACT shooting stats

Alison Miller 21/23 (91%)
Leila Basic 7/11 (64%)


3rd/4th PLAY-OFF



_MCA7207LiIn a fantastic game for both teams as South Australia secured third place with a six-goal defeat of Queensland to end the national championships.

The first quarter ebbed and flowed as neither side could build any sort of lead.

Both teams applied great defensive pressure, but it was Annabella Sorby  in defence for Queensland that helped give it a one-goal lead at quarter-time.

Hannah Petty started the second quarter by picking up some crucial intercepts to give SA an upper hand.

The defensive combination of Rachel Weideman and Sarah Raper worked hard to give SA a slight lead.

Bryah Gafa at wing defence for Queensland picked some great intercepts to allow Queensland to snatch back some goals.

SA came back to hold a 15-13 lead at the major break.

For Queesland, Abigail Latu-Meafou switched to goal attack for the second half as Binian Hunt come on at goal shooter.

Queensland levelled the game early on in the second half but SA’s Hannah Petty still worked hard to keep her team in the game.

Charlee Hodges and Stephanie Sarro worked well in the circle to help SA to an 22-18 at the last break.

A dominant last quarter from SA helped take third spot.

South Australia shooting stats

Stephanie Sarro 16/20 (80%)
Charlee Hodges 15/21 (71%)

Queensland shooting stats

Abigail Latu-Meafou 14/19 (74%)
Alison Baker 8/11 (73%)
Binian Hunt 3/3 (100%)






_MCA8705LiVictoria has produced a stunning performance to upstage New South Wales and defend the 17/U national title in today’s Grand Final.

The 29-25 victory is Victoria’s eighth title in this age group since 2002 and comes after it lost to New South Wales earlier this week during round robin play.

Victorian coach Leesa Gallard was pleased with her team’s ability to hold strong after NSW kept challenging in the second half.

“I’m just so immensely proud of my girls, just so proud of them to come from a nine-goal defeat in the rounds to put out and then stayed strong at the end  and finish it off,” Gallard said.

“They gave us an almighty scare and so that makes me really, really proud of them to be able to just hold strong to their belief and their structures, just keep working and working.”

_MCA8545LiVictoria got away to a strong start to lead 8-3 at quarter-time with Casey Adamson and Libby Birch running hard.

NSW goal keeper Lauren Moore took some great intercepts despite being marginally smaller than her taller opponent in Victorian goal shooter Jane Cook._MCA8247Li

Kailah-Mae Keepen shot well at goal attack for Victoria as the hosts got away to a seven-goal lead at half-time.

NSW brought on Kirra Jones at the goal defence for the third quarter and captain Amy Parmenter had a firing start to the second half as she worked hard to pick off intercepts and reduce the score margin.

NSW snatched some intercepts as it started to bridge the gap. The Sky Blues defensive combination Lauren Moore and Kirra Jones also worked hard to restrict Victoria’s scoring as the score was 22-19 heading into the final term.

Supporters of both stats were extremely vocal urging their players on for one big final effort for the week and Kiera Austin and Prudence Ellis worked well in NSW’s shooting circle to level the game with six minutes remaining.

But in the final few minutes, some clutch shooting by Cook allowed Victoria to get away to a four-goal win and successfully defend the national title it won last year.

Victoria Shooting Stats

Jane Cook 21/21 (100%)
Kailah-Mae Keepen 8/10 (80%)

New South Wales shooting stats

Prudence Ellis 14/21 (67%)
Kiera Austin 11/18 (61%)




7th/8th PLAY-OFF


The Northern Territory defeated the ACT by six goals to finish the tournament with three wins in its most successful national championship since 2006.

_MCA6396LiThe Northern Territory looked the better team in the first quarter as its quick movement through the midcourt helped it quickly bring the ball to its circle.

This capitalised upon the goal keeper throw ins as the ACT sent many passes astray in its attacking third.

Early on in the game Nadine van der Nest had to be substituted off the court with an injury, ending her superb tournament.

After the injury time the ACT added on two quick goals, but still trailed 8-5 at quarter-time.

The Northern Territory stayed tight in its defence, forcing the ACT to go backwards and causing turnovers in the ACT’s attacking third.

Good movement in the circle from Northern Territory shooters Samantha Gooden and Megan Craufurd complemented their accurate shooting, as the Northern Territory extended their lead to six at half-time.

The ACT brought on new goal keeper Shahana Plenty to try and stop the influence of Gooden.

However Gooden was still dominant, user her body effectively to block Plenty from the pass into the circle.

Northern Territoy’s defense continued to be strong, with goal defence Maddy Balson sprinting from her out-of-play position in the midcourt to intercept a pass in the goal circle.

The Northern Territory never looked like loosing at it entered the final term looking to extend its five-goal lead.

Hard running and driving from Northern Territory centre Gemma Henderson and wing attack Ruth Smith, continued the Northern Territory’s clean movement of the ball into its attacking third.

Even though the ACT kept coming, the Northern Territory always had an answer for its advances, ending the Championship with a win that places it seventh on the overall tournament ladder.

Northern Territory shooting stats

Samantha Gooden 24/31 (77%)
Maegan Craufurd 7/11 (64%)

ACT shooting stats

Sophie Immonen 15/17 (88%)
Victoria Schmahl 9/10 (90%)
Molly Dickson 1/2 (50%)


5th/6th PLAY-OFF



New South Wales’ 12-6 first quarter scoreline set up its 10-goal win against Tasmania in the play-off for fifth and sixth at the national championships.

_MCA6520LiNSW’s defensive pressure was effective in slowing Tasmania’s entry of the ball into the goal circle, as its defence jumped for rebounds and caused turnovers.

The Sky Blues’ shooters Natalie Eldridge and Lauren Yager continued their sharp shooting into the second quarter, although Tasmania made them work harder for their entry into the circle.

Tasmania continued to press to reduce its deficit and was greatly improved, however NSW was too strong and continued to grow its lead to eight goals at half-time.

Georgie Briggs made the most of her move from goal shooter to goal attack and constantly drove to move the ball into the circle.

In a great play she kept the ball from going out to allow goal shooter Ashlea Joy Mawer to add a goal to Tasmania’s total.

The clean ball movement through NSW’s midfield had been evident all day and it continued into the third quarter as passes rarely missed their target.

Its speed in scoring goals compared to Tasmania was important in ensuring NSW still held a nine-goal lead at three quarter time. _MCA6594Li

The final quarter saw Tasmania increase its defensive pressure to make NSW work harder to enter its attacking circle.

The ball turned over several times as both teams got the ball down to their attacking third but were unable to convert.

This tight battle for a goal continued for several minutes until Eldridge was finally able to score for NSW.

Although the teams were more even in the second half, Tasmania was never able to pull back its deficit, and NSW won to finish the tournament in fifth place.

New South Wales shooting stats

Natalie Eldridge 22/27 (81%)
Lauren Yager 15/16 (94%)

Tasmania shooting stats

Ashlea Joy Mawer 20/27 (59%)
Georgie Briggs 10/12 (83%)
Kate Archer 7/10 (70%)



3rd/4th PLAY-OFF



South Australia finished off a solid national championship, defeating Western Australia by 13 goals to finish third in the competition.

SA was helped with accurate shooting by Kelsey Williams, who shot 12 goals without a miss in the first quarter.

SA broke early and its strong midfield brought plenty of ball into the goal circle as SA finished the quarter with a nine-goal lead.

_MCA7830LiWA was forced to use the height of Lee-Jones to get the ball in the circle, as goal keeper Letisha Heintze was often in front to intercept passes at chest height.

Whilst SA had quick movement through the centre, WA’s pressure around the circle slowed down its passes into its shooters.

Whilst it was more difficult, SA still added 11 goals to its total and also led by 11 goals at half-time.

Heintze won the battle against Lee-Jones, and for the third quarter Lee-Jones was moved out of shooter and to goal keeper.

Even with new shooter Paige Doy, WA still struggled to get the ball into its goal circle, with turnovers being a result of WA making excess passes to enter its circle.

Whilst WA got three consecutive goals late in the quarter, SA replied with two quick goals from Williams to enter the final term with a 15-goal lead.

WA players struggled to find space, but when the ball did enter its circle Doy and Kimberley Shepherd were making the most of opportunities and shooting well.

It was much of the same in SA’s attacking third in the last quarter as it continued its speedy movement to Williams and Ashleigh Jones.

Following a one-goal victory over WA in the group stages, SA was able to dominate their competition to end the tournament with a 13-goal win.

South Australia shooting stats

Kelsey Williams 36/29 (92%)
Ashleigh Jones 6/7 (86%)

Western Australia shooting stats

Annika Lee-Jones 14/18 (78%)
Kimberley Shepherd 11/12 (92%)
Paige Doy 4/5 (80%)






_MCA9088LiAn ecstatic Queensland squad overpowered Victoria to win the 19/U national title by 10 goals in today’s Grand Final.

Queensland coach Christine Voge, who was in tears following the victory, paid credit to her team’s ability to beat Victoria, who had been previously undefeated for the tournament.

“That was our aim today. To come here and to knock them off,” she said.

The game began with both teams strong in defence, as neither team found it easy to find a free player to pass to in the early stages of the match.

Unfortunately for Victorian wing attack Emily Post, her Grand Final ended prematurely as she had to be substituted off the court after injuring herself.

Andrea Tai rebounded a missed shot from Emma Ryde-Coad to give Victoria the lead in the first quarter.

However Queensland wasn’t going to let Victoria get far ahead.

_MCA8986LiIts defensive pressure was rewarded as a held ball call against Victorian goal keeper Kate Eddy resulted in a goal for Queensland. This leveled the scores at seven-all to end the first quarter. _MCA9163Li

Queensland took a three-goal lead early on in the second quarter thanks to good feeding into the shooting circle from centre Mahalia Cassidy and wing attack Dominique Scott.

Goal keeper Leah Middleton did well to keep Ryde-Coad quiet throughout the game, although Tai drove well to help move the ball into Victoria’s goal circle.

Cara Koenen, who won Most Valuable Player of the tournament award, had an outstanding second quarter.

Voge described Koenen as a player to look out for in the future as she scored 11 goals at 100 per cent accuracy in the quarter to help Queensland enter the half-time break with a four goal lead over the grand final favourite Victoria.

Queensland looked like it would grow its lead as it had the majority of possession in the first half of the third quarter.

Fighting hard to reclaim a ball that had previously gone out of bounds against them, Queensland showed its determination for victory.

Queensland’s movement of the ball through to its circle was clean, and its opportunities for its shooters were not wasted as it added nine goals to its score in the third quarter.

_MCA9572LiA quick goal from Queensland in the first 10 seconds of the final quarter saw it extend its lead to eight goals.

Victoria kept pressing and was able to speed up its delivery of the ball into its circle.
However it was never going to be enough to stop Queensland whose movement of the ball into its shooters was exceptional the whole game.

A solid effort from the whole Queensland team saw it win its first grand final since 2010 and only its third Championship since 1983.

Queensland shooting stats

Cara Koenen 27/30 (90%)
Bianca Cattelini 11/14 (79%)

Victoria shooting stats

Emma Ryde-Coad 14/17 (82%)
Andrea Tai 14/16 (81%)