Netball Australia Leadership Statement – Our Watch


Partnering to prevent violence against women and their children

United we stand committed to work with Our Watch towards an Australia where women and their children live free from all forms of violence.

Our sporting codes are working together to eliminate violence against women and their children by promoting women’s participation opportunities, challenging gender stereotypes and roles, challenging violence supportive attitudes and behaviours and encouraging respectful, healthy and equal relationships on and off the field.

Through public advocacy, organisational development, leadership, education and training we will actively advance gender equality to prevent violence against women in our organisations and sporting communities.

Netball Australia commits to:


  • Contribute vocally and frequently to the national, and global, conversation about the role sport plays in promoting gender equality. At the community level, this will include providing support to promote nonviolence and respect around netball courts.
  • Australian Diamonds players, including Caitlin Thwaites, will act as ambassadors for the partnership with Our Watch.


  • Integrate sound principles of prevention of violence against women into policies, procedures, processes and support services across all levels of the organisation from staff to Board Members to volunteers to elite athletes.
  • Provide opportunities for our staff and membership to learn more about the issue of violence against women and steps to address this through positive bystander behaviour, and guidelines for responding to disclosures.


  • Be a leader in developing and delivering education and messaging around preventing violence against women that is targeted at engaging women and girls. This will specifically involve championing gender equality, as a key underlying driver to end violence against women, across our media channels and membership, at every opportunity.
  • Celebrate our strong, talented and capable leaders through social media and national events, to challenge gender stereotypes and cultural norms within the sporting community.


  • Continue to promote and develop Netball Australia’s ‘Expect Respect‘ education opportunities. ‘Expect Respect’ involves online modules, designed in collaboration with the Victorian Women’s Trust and Nirodah, tailored to three key audiences: Youth (13-17 years players), Young Adults (18-25 years players) and Community, for the broader netball community aged over 18.  It aim to provide women and girls with the skills to build respectful and equitable relationships, encourage supportive environments and increase self-esteem