Northern Suburbs elect donations over trophies


Northern Suburbs Netball Association has taken a unique approach to rewarding the two teams who play in a Grand Final, opting to donate money to charity instead of awarding trophies.

Since 2013 the second largest netball association in New South Wales has donated over $36,000 to various charities that would have been spent on trophies.

“We made, as an association, the decision to move to donations in lieu of trophies for our senior competition,” Association Treasurer Renee Bates said.

“The player’s response was overwhelmingly positive.”

The winner and runner up of each competition are rewarded with $250 and $150 respectively to donate to the team’s charity of choice. Junior competitors still receive trophies.

Independent girls school Wenona, a member of the Northern Suburbs Netball Association, has donated $1500 to the Wheelchair Foundation Australia through the donation scheme.

“I think the girls find it important that instead of getting a trophy it’s really nice to donate to charity and support local charity and causes,” Netball Captain and Sports Prefect Sophie Hondros said.

“When the girls do get to the end and see that they can donate, that’s a massive bonus for them because they know that all of their time and effort has not only just improved their skills but has allowed them to contribute to a worthy cause.”

Bates said many teams donated to charities and causes that they or someone they know had personally been touched by and encouraged more netball associations to consider following suit.

“There is only so much space your mantelpiece can carry with trophies, and it’s only a shiny object on the day,” Bates said.

“Whereas every time you see progress with your chosen cause, you can think I helped with that and by playing netball and being competitive I can continue to help with that.”

Netball Foundation CEO Nadine Cohen encouraged others to get involved as part of their fundraising activities for the Confident Girls campaign in 2016.

“Instead of receiving at the end of your netball season, you will know you are helping girls to thrive,” Cohen said.

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