Netball continues to grow thanks to ANZ NetSetGO

Netball’s footprint across Australia’s sporting landscape continues to expand thanks to another year of unprecedented growth in participation numbers of the ANZ NetSetGO program.

Netball Australia is delighted to announce that 188,077 children aged between five and 10 took part in ANZ NetSetGO around the country in 2015.

That total is a 29 per cent increase – 42,427 overall – from the numbers that participated in 2014, which was the previous record for Netball Australia’s official introductory program for netball.

The number of centres offering ANZ NetSetGO has also enjoyed another year of significant growth up six per cent to 2321.

ANZ NetSetGO Ambassador, Australian Diamonds star Kim Ravaillion, is delighted to see that the participation program continues to go from strength to strength.

”I’ve enjoyed travelling around the country and seeing the smiling faces of the NetSetGO girls and boys, making friends and playing the game that I love,” Ravaillion said.

The introduction of the online registration portal in 2015 proved a success with parents able to find their nearest centre, register their children and pay online all from the convenience of their own home.

Netball Australia’s Head of Community Strategy and Netball Development Anne-Marie Phippard said the ANZ NetSetGO numbers are indicative of how the sport is thriving at grass roots level.

She has paid tribute to the work done by the state and territory netball bodies in working with local associations and clubs to deliver the program and ensure children are getting a positive introduction to the game.

“It’s also netball’s volunteer network – those thousands and thousands of volunteers that are committed to giving the children the opportunity to play sport and learn the basic skills of our game,” Phippard said.

“ANZ NetSetGO is starting that life-long passion for the game. But, importantly, it’s being done in a fun and safe environment and they are developing really important friendships.”

The ANZ NetSetGO participant pack will again have a new look in 2016 with new T-Shirt, balls and participant medals.

With many centres about to begin their 2016 programs, now is the perfect time to visit the ANZ NetSetGO website and find your nearest centre and register your child to start them on their netball journey.