Tall talent gaining more specialist coaching

Australia’s best emerging tall athletes will spend the next four days at Netball Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Canberra for the final High Performance camp for 2015.

The specialist `talls’ camp started on Saturday and runs through until next Tuesday and will be overseen by coaches Jenny Borlase and Cathy Fellows with Australian Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander attending the last two days early next week.

It’s the second time this year the group has got together in Canberra with specialist coaching.

The 14 athletes attending are Maddy Balson, Stephanie Boyce, Jane Cook, Samantha Gooden, Emma Ryde (Victoria), Clare Frost, Ashlen Garrett (Queensland), Annika Lee-Jones, Nicole Lendich (Western Australia), Prudence Ellis, Teigan O’Shannassy (New South Wales), Asha Thurlow (South Australia), Alison Miller (ACT, pictured), Isabella McDonald (Northern Territory).

There’s a technical and tactical focus to the camp with the athletes also being put through a range of physical tests so Netball Australia can collate data that can be used in future identification processes.

The athletes attending the camp range in heights from 187cm to 198cm and Fellows said she and Borlase, who played 70 Tests for Australia and was part of three Netball World Cup winning sides in the 1990’s, are keen to see how the group has developed since their earlier camp in the middle of the year.

“With our tall athletes we recognise they develop at a different rate to other athletes,” Fellows said.

“Some of them have had rapid development in the last six months working with their respective state institutes which is pleasing to see.

“If you look at the way netball is evolving, height is what a lot of international teams are looking for at both ends of the court.”

All athletes are currently trialing with their respective states and territories for next year’s underage national championships.