100 Days to go until the Fast5 Netball World Series!

09.11.2014 Australia's Erin Bell in action during the netball match between Australia and England at the Fast5 Netball World Series at Vector Arena in Auckland. Mandatory Photo Credit ©Michael Bradley.

To celebrate our 100 days to go milestone we caught up with Erin Bell, who co-captained the Australian Fast5 Team in 2014, and asked her what we can all look forward to for the Fast5 Netball World Series this October.

What’s different about the Fast5 Netball World Series compared to a regular international netball match?

Erin Bell: “It is completely different, but in a good way. It’s fast, it’s exciting and games can turn really quickly.

“It’s not as predictable, it has got that unknown because even up to the last minute anyone could win a game. I think that’s really good from a fans perspective.”

There are many rule changes in Fast5 including a two and three-point scoring arc, rolling substitutions, a Power Play quarter and only five players on court. What was your favourite rule change?

EB: “I love the three point shot because I’m a shooter and I definitely love the fact that it’s very tactical.

“You could be in your Power Play, you’re down by 11 goals and all you need to do is shoot two three pointers and you can win the game.

“I love that part of it as a shooter because it gives us something really exciting that we don’t get to do in normal netball.”

What can fans look forward to when the Fast5 Netball World Series comes to Melbourne in October?

EB: “The fans really get into it and make a full day of it. The music, the lighting, it’s completely different to a normal game of netball.

“It’s a really good fun day out and the fans seems to take advantage of all the food and beverage options as well!

“This is the perfect test to go and get a little snapshot of netball and you get to see some of the best countries playing.”

What was the best thing about captaining the Australian Fast5 Team?

EB: “Anytime you’re representing your country is an honour and to be named co-captain with Claire I was super excited.

“It was really good to work with the two coaches because they had some good strategies up their sleeve.

“It was one of the best weekends of netball. It was really fun.”

The Fast5 Netball World Series comes to Hisense Arena October 29-30, 2016. Fan packages are now available here.