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nf_Confident Girls graphics_WEB SLIDERConfident Girls is the main grass roots campaign of the Netball Foundation – the fundraising arm of Netball Australia and partner of the Australian Netball Diamonds team.

We know that sport is a powerful tool in empowering girls to be happy and healthy. Every week, millions of girls around Australia walk off the court with the confidence that comes from being part of a team, enjoying the bond of a shared experience and the benefits of regular exercise. They also build the kind of resilience that is learnt from winning and losing, and taking the good with the bad.

But for many reasons, not all girls have the chance to participate. In Australia, more than 600,000 children live below the poverty line and don’t have the opportunity to be part of a sporting team. Many families cannot afford to pay sport fees, buy a uniform and shoes to play in, or get transport to sporting events. Some schools don’t offer sports activities or have the money to buy equipment. And unfortunately, many girls lack the self-confidence to get involved or their cultural background doesn’t encourage them to be physically active.

Confident Girls has already supported more than 10,000 girls through community netball programs since founded last year.

In 2016, an improved Confident Girls campaign is aiming to raise $250,000 towards netball programs such as Inclusion NetSetGO program and community introductory programs, utilising a new peer to peer fundraising platform hosted by the Australian Sports Foundation.

The campaign and platform launched on 22 April 2016 and will be in two rounds: April – June to coincide with the start of the netball season and September – November to coinnf_001 - Graphic 1cide with the end of the netball season. Although fundraising can happen at any time of the year. The core target audiences are private schools, netball school ambassadors, grass roots netball clubs, NetSetGO centres, workplaces of netball players and Netball Australia commercial partners.

We have plenty of tools and resources to help you register and support the campaign. You could also win some great prizes, including tickets to watch the Diamonds play and a coaching clinic from Diamond’s Head Coach, Lisa Alexander.

Netball Foundation Chair, Noeleen Dix says Confident Girls aims to give more girls the chance to build confidence both on and off the court.

“Australian women know how important their social networks are; and Netball friendships are at the core of that network for many of us,” Dix says.

“Netball is in just about every community in Australia but there are some girls who can’t access it. Confident Girls aims to provide programs to take Netball to everyone.”

Australian Sports Foundation CEO, Patrick Walker is delighted to be partnering with a campaign that can impact the lives of many.

“We look forward to helping many more disadvantaged girls enjoy the health and social benefits of playing Netball,” Walker says.

100% of funds raised goes to support Confident Girls.


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Nadine Cohen
Chief Executive
Netball Foundation
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Phone: 03 8621 8600