Netball Australia is committed to treating all people with respect, dignity and fairness. These values, along with the basic right of all netball members to participate in an environment that is enjoyable, safe and healthy, has resulted in Netball Australia developing specific objectives to create a safer and more tolerant sporting environment.

Netball is not immune to acts of discrimination, harassment and abuse and in fact shares the common features of most sporting environments where close physical and emotional relationships can develop and inappropriate or unlawful behavior can take place.

Netball Australia is both ethically and legally responsible to prevent discrimination and more specifically harassment from occurring in netball. The adoption of the Netball Australia Member Protection Policy reflects Netball Australia’s commitment to serving and protecting its members and participants throughout all levels of the sport. This Policy is only one component of the overall strategy and the implementation and enforcement of this Policy will require ongoing commitment from all levels of the sport.

The Policy also complements a range of other organisational policies including junior netball, umpire development, governance, finance, information technology and privacy policies.

Through working together, the netball community can prevent discrimination and harassment and create a safe and supportive environment for all participants at all levels.

Download Policy Documents

Member Protection Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014 (pdf, 435kb)

Pregnancy Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014

Attachment A – National Codes of Behaviour – Member Protection Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014

Attachment B – Employment Screening & WWCC – Member Protection Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014

Attachment C – National Complaint Handling Regulation – Member Protection Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014

Attachment D – Reporting Requirements and Forms – Member Protection Policy – Effective 1 Jan 2014


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