Darters claim breakthrough win in ANL

canberra-darters-vs-territory-storm-2-august-2014-0036The Canberra Darters scored their first win in the Australian Netball League in almost two years with an historic victory over the Territory Storm in Week 5 action.

The Darters 53-49 triumph on their home court at Canberra’s AIS Arena on Saturday night was the team’s first victory since they beat the Netball NSW Blues in the 2012 season and the first time they have beaten the Storm in seven attempts.

Teenage shooter Alison Miller showed poise in the final quarter to help the Darters to victory and the 17-year-old finished with a game-high 37 goals at 87 per cent accuracy. The loss now leaves the Storm as the only team without a victory in the ANL this season.

It was the Darters’ only victory from their three matches played over the weekend. They lost to the Victorian Flames 63-36 in the opening match of the round and went down 74-31 against top side the Victorian Fury on Sunday.

The Fury’s win kept them on top of the ladder and stretched their winning streak to 19 matches. canberra-darters-vs-territory-storm-2-august-2014-0004

The QLD Fusion consolidated their second spot with wins against the Blues (64-53) and Tassie Spirit (68-59), Gretel Tippett spearheading both victories, shooting 49 and 52 goals respectively.

The Fusion were made to work hard for their win over the Spirit. The Tasmanians led by three goals at quarter-time and only one goal separated the two sides at the main break before the Fusion got on top in the third term.

The Blues ended a four-game losing streak with a 60-39 victory over the Storm on Sunday afternoon.

Week 6 action features a double header with games being played in Adelaide and then the New South Wales derby in Sydney.

Week Five Results:

Vic Flames (63) defeated Canberra Darters (36)
Flames shooting stats:
Jane Cook 33/38 (87%)
Gabrielle Sinclair 18/22 (82%)
Stacey Northey 10/13 (77%)
Mikaele Vaughan 2/4 (50%)

Darters shooting stats:
Alison Miller 24/28 (86%)
Mardi Alpin 6/12 (50%)
Alix McDermott 4/5 (80%)
Sophie Immonen 2/2 (100%)

Vic Fury (69) defeated Tassie Spirit (42)
Fury shooting stats:
Erin Hoare 52/55 (95%)
Stephanie Puopolo 8/9 (89%)
Alice Teague-Neeld 7/9 (78%)
Stacey Gannon 2/4 (50%)

Spirit shooting stats:
Sophie Gunn 38/44 (87%)
Kate Costelloe 4/6 (67%)

QLD Fusion (64) defeated Netball NSW Blues (53)
Fusion shooting stats:
Gretel Tippett 49/60 (82%)
Ameliaranne Wells 8/11 (73%)
Stephanie Wood 7/12 (59%)

Blues shooting stats:
Holly Pearce 27/35 (78%)
Kiera Austin 26/32 (82%)

Canberra Darters (53) defeated Territory Storm (49)
Darters shooting stats:
Alison Miller 37/43 (83%)
Alix McDermott 16/19 (85%)

Storm shooting stats:
Rebecca Winch 27/33 (79%)
Michelle Winch 22/28 (79%)

QLD Fusion (69) defeated Tassie Spirit (58)
Fusion shooting stats:
Gretel Tippett 52/64 (82%)
Stephanie Wood 8/8 (100%)
Ameliaranne Wells 7/7 (100%)
Beryl Friday 2/3 (67%)

Spirit shooting stats:
Sophie Gunn 38/45 (85%)
Kate Costelloe 20/25 (80%)

Netball NSW Blues (60) defeated Territory Storm (39)
Blues shooting stats:
Claudia Russell 31/39 (80%)
Lauran Yager 15/16 (94%)
Kiera Austin 9/11 (82%)
Holly Pearce 5/6 (84%)

Storm shooting stats:
Rebecca Winch 17/19 (90%)
Michelle Winch 13/18 (73%)
Katelyn Platten 9/11 (82%)

Vic Fury (74) defeated Canberra Darters (31)
Fury shooting stats:
Alice Teague-Neeld 28/34 (83%)
Erin Hoare 27/30 (90%)
Stephanie Puopolo 19/21 (91%)

Darters shooting stats:
Alix McDermott 12/15 (80%)
Mardi Alpin 11/12 (92%)
Lisa Kaye 6/8 (75%)
Alison Miller 2/3 (67%)

NSW Waratahs
Southern Force
Western Sting

Ladder after Week Five:

1Victorian Fury770043626614163.91
2Queensland Fusion761046436912125.75
3Victorian Flames*752031524710127.53
4NSW Waratahs53203622186166.06
5Southern Force*53202261876120.86
6Western Sting53202642326113.79
7NSW Blues7250340375490.67
8Tassie Spirit7250301402474.88
9Canberra Darters7160267443260.27
10Territory Storm7070233469049.68

* The result of the Round 3 match between Victorian Flames and Southern Force has been overturned by the Competition Appeals Commitee following a breach to a clause of the competition rules. The Flames have been awarded the victory.